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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How To Get More Probes?

Here’s a way to get more probes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

A major chunk of Mass Effect is spent fighting aliens on their planet. Getting alien tech is also crucial to advance further in the game. While Engineers and infiltrator class do help you hack into alien tech. Probes help you get alien tech and foreign resources without picking fights. Now that you know the uses of a probe let’s see how to get more Probes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How To Get More Probes In Mass Effect Legendary Edition?


Probes can be sent by Shepard to explore a new planet and get all the resources from it. This can only be done once you get close enough to the planet. Players can buy more probes from the Fuel depot, each probe will cost them 20 credits. Once you have filled the probes enough you will need to revisit the Fuel depot to buy new probes. Initially, in the game Normandy (your ship) can only carry 30 probes, which can be enough but you will have to visit the Fuel depot regularly. Normandy’s capacity can be increased to hold up to 60 probes.

Players can double the capacity of Probes but for that, you will need to have Thane onboard. To get Thane you will have to complete the Dossier: the assassin mission. While this is a side mission it will be available to you completing the mission to the horizon. Once you have Thane on the ship go meet him in life support and like all other squad members Shepard will ask Thane as well if he has ways to upgrade Normandy. Thane will pitch some ideas and you have to select “yes” to let him upgrade the ship. The upgrade interface will open where you can find the Modular probe bay under the ship upgrades option. Select the option and you will need 15000 iridium to upgrade the probe capacity.

This is how you can get more probes in the Mass effect, do check out our article to know how to mark items as junk in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.