Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How To Save Everyone On The Suicide Mission?

Here’s how you can save everyone on the suicide mission in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Suicide Mission is the final mission of Mass Effect 2, and it starts once you initiate the Omega-4 Relay. Players get to know very early in the game that they will be facing the Collector. There is a very bleak chance of any of the squad members surviving the face-off. Even though you have already been alerted about the tragic end of the squad members, there is a slight probability of saving them all. With such slight probability, you need to take some steps very precisely before and during the mission. Let’s see how to save everyone on the suicide mission in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How To Save Everyone On The Suicide Mission In Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

Mass effect legendary edition suicide mission
Below mentioned are some steps you need to follow to save everyone: –

  • Make sure you get all the ship upgrades. To get all the three main upgrades you need to unlock them by below Loyalty missions:
    Ship Upgrades Cost Unlock by 
    Silaris Armor Tech 15,000 Palladium Jacob loyalty
    Thanix Cannon 15,000 Platinum Garrus loyalty
    Cyclone Shield Tech 15,000 Palladium Tali loyalty
  • Increase your Paragon or Renegade levels. You can do this by using these options to diffuse fights when given the chance and using the prompts when they are available. Use your Paragon or Renegade capabilities to solve all conflicts between other species and squadmates.
  • Before retrieving the Reaper IFF complete everyone’s Loyalty mission to gain their loyalty. The loyalty of all teammates is the core here, so make sure you complete all the squad members’ loyalty tasks and diffuse any situations.
  • You will be ambushed and your crew will be taken once you start the Reaper IFF. The longer it takes you to reach the Omega-4 Relay, the more members of your team will perish.

These were all the things you needed to do before the mission. Also for the mission, you need to assign the right squadmates to the right jobs in the mission. Now let’s look at whom you need to assign what for the mission

  • Give the Technical Specialist task to Legion, Kasumi, or Tali. They will need to disable the doors by entering through the vents.
  •  Assign the Fireteam leader task to Garrus, Miranda, or Jacob. This second team will concentrate on Collector forces.
  •  Assign the Biotic  Barrier specialist task to Jack, or Samara.
  • You’ll need to select another Fire Team Leader from Garrus, Jacob, or Miranda as a distraction squad.
  • One squadmate will be leading the surviving crew to Normandy. Mordin must be the preferred one for this Crew Escort mission.
  •  Don’t include Garrus, Zaeed, and Grunt in your squad, and ask them to hold the line. Everyone needs to be 100% loyal here or else you won’t be able to save all of them,  as all of them will die.
  • Make sure to have a Defense Rating of 2+ while facing the final boss. You will have -1 point for each squadmate without their loyalty mission unfinished. If you have completed all the loyalty missions the best choice is to have Grunt, Zaeed, and Garrus for Defense Rating 4.
  • You will have only Defense Rating 2 with Samara, Jacob, Miranda, Legion, and Thane. While Kasumi, Jack, Mordin, and Tali only provide Defense Rating 1. You will need Defense Rating 4 to make sure everyone survives this final fight.

We can assure you that following the above steps will save everyone on the suicide mission. There is a lot to keep in mind but this is the only way that will not lead all the squad members to death.

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