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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How To Change Squad Members?

You need a good squad members to have your back during battle. Let’s see how to change squad members in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Mass effect legendary edition feeds your craving for combat to its limit. All three games are set on an alien land where players have to fight their way through. Even though you do get a diverse arsenal and variety of armors, players will also have 2 more NPC’s in their squad to help them through. These two members will help Shepard (controlled by you) on his way. Squad members whose skills align with yours will make things easier for you. Let’s see how to change Squad members in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How To Change Squad Members In Mass Effect Legendary Edition?


Mass effect legendary edition squad members
The feature to change squad members isn’t available immediately in any of the three games. Players will have to get some progress in the game to unlock it. Until then you have to stick with the squad members allotted to you. Players can change squad members at their base ship Normandy. When you are choosing a mission in Normandy, you can also select and edit squad members using the control panel. There are six classes of members all of them are either Combat specialists, Tech specialists, or ones with Biotic abilities.

You can choose any of these, if you are new we would recommend you go with the Combat specialist Soldier class. The tech specialist can hack his way through alien buildings and tech. While the one with Biotic abilities enhances the trio’s defense. It is recommended to have one of each kind when on a mission, but that varies from mission to mission. You will get a good idea of which 2 you want to choose of the 5 after a few rounds in the field. Good squad members can make your cruise through the enemies given you use their abilities optimally.

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