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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How To Get Out Of The Mako?

Some things never change, the Mako might not be one of them. Let’s see how to get out of the Mako in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

All the Mass effects games take place on various alien planets and that hasn’t changed in the legendary edition as well. To travel from one planet to another you use the Mako. Mako is a high-tech spaceship, which now not only helps you in traveling but can also dish out attacks. The Mako was one of the grave problems of Mass effect 1, given its shaky aiming and complex controls. The legendary edition also does not explain much about it so here we are telling you how to get out of the Mako in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How To Get Out Of The Mako In Mass Effect Legendary Edition?


Mass effect legendary edition mako
Most of the time you and your squad will be straight away thrown on the alien planet after the cutscene. Sometimes you won’t be and will be stuck inside the Mako. All you have to do is press the “circle” button if you are a Play station player or the “B” button if you use Xbox. Your character will exit the driver’s seat and will be on the surface of the alien planet. To get back in just walk up to Mako’s door and press the “X” button on the Play station or “A” button on Xbox and you will be inside the Mako.

Mako has had some of the biggest changes in the legendary edition. The best of them is that now you can touch the lava with the Mako and not instantly die. Now players can also shoot using the Mako and that too with increased precision, but still, there are some issues with close-range aiming of the Mako. While apart from that there have been changes to reduce sliding and to smoothen the overall controls as well. With so many improvements the Mako is worthy of a second chance so go take it for a ride and use it well.

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