Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How To Get Kasumi?

Here’s how you can add Kasumi to your team in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect has a wide variety of characters each bringing something new to the table. One such character is Kasumi Goto, the best thief in the whole galaxy. While initially, Kasumi was only accessible for players who bought the Kasumi- Stolen Memory DLC. In the Legendary edition, you can access Kasumi during Mass effect 2. Let’s see how to get Kasumi on the team in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How To Get Kasumi In Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

how to get kasumi in mass effect legendary edition 2
Cerberus is the main link between Kasumi and Shepard’s team, he recommends she to join the team. He adds Shepard to the email conversation where Kasumi has agreed to meet and discuss the proposal with them. Her only condition is that the team will have to help her get some data from Donavan hock’s lab after which she will join the team. Donavan hock is an intergalactic weapon dealer who allegedly killed Keiji Okuda, Kasumi’s love interest in the game.

After this you advance to the big Gala-type party Donavan has organized and invited all influential people of the galaxy. The mission is to sneak into the party, infiltrate Donavan’s system and get Keiji’s gray box. The gray box is supposed to be one of his last remains and has important data. When the mission goes sideways and Kasumi sacrifices herself while fixing a bomb that will blow up everyone. This was deceit and Shepard knows it very well, Kasumi simply goes invisible and when the room is empty he calls her name which leads to her appearing. This is where Shepard will permanently recruit her mostly because of her incredible deceit skills and how she can hack into any alien tech. Kasumi Goto further helps the team in hacking their way into alien lands.

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