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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How To Get Javik?

Here’s how to get Javik on the team in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The premise of the Mass effect revolves around Shepard (you) going around exploring galaxies and recruiting squad members. The game does a good job of giving each character a fulfilling back story and their own set of unique abilities. Javik, the last prothean is one of those characters you got to have on your team, because of his knowledge and sheer combat skills. Javik was only accessible to players who have the From Ashes DLC. In the Legendary Edition players can access him during the normal course of the game. Let’s see how to get Javik in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How To Get Javik In Mass Effect Legendary Edition?


Mass Effect Legendary Edition Javik
Players will get an email stating priority mission: Eden Prime, it states that the Cerberus have attacked Eden prime. After the email, this mission will also pop up in your journal as well. A rare prothean artifact has been recovered and your mission is to infiltrate Eden and get the rare artifact out of their hands. The mission is simple and as soon as you reach Eden you get to know it’s not an artifact, it’s a person. Upon reaching you will have to fight your way through the Cerberus army. After which you will see the stasis pod containing the prothean.

The stasis pod is locked and to open it you will have to activate some computer systems. As there are very few buildings nearby finding the computer systems won’t be difficult. We recommend you take one squad member with you to distract the Cerberus army while you find the computers. Once all the Cerberus have been defeated open the Stasis pod and bring Javik back to life. Javik is helpful in a mission involving protheans and their history. He can help you unlock some extra dialogue as well.

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