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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How To Holster Your Weapon?

Holstering your weapons is important when things get heated, here’s how to Holster your weapon in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Mass Effect franchise is focused more on combat. Maintaining the team dynamic is also an important aspect of the game. The Legendary edition has made some changes but not here. There are multiple missions based on recruiting squad members, disagreeing with them, etc. Holstering your weapon will lead to diffusing tense situations and leading you towards a calm discussion instead of a bloodfest among the squad members. Let’s see how to holster your weapon in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

How To Holster Your Weapon In Mass Effect Legendary Edition?


To Holster, your weapon all you have to do is tap on the “touchpad” in Play station or press the toggle view button if you are an Xbox player. After using these buttons you will see Shepard putting his gun away. Unlike some other features, the controls to holster the weapon are the same for Mass Effect 1 and 2. While there isn’t any proven impact of holster your gun away. Many players have said that it has helped them while using the “charm” and “intermediate” feature. Makes sense as you can’t get a squad member’s trust with a gun pointed at them.

Unfortunately, there is no feature of holstering your gun in Mass effect 3. This inclines players towards believing that holstering your weapon is more of a gesture than a feature in the Mass Effect franchise as well as the Mass effect legendary edition. Missions like saving Wrex highly depend on getting Wrex’s trust. Pointing your gun at him wouldn’t be helpful here. The discussion you have with squad members becomes highly important as every option you choose can branch out a different path of the game. We recommend you try choosing multiple dialogues to experience all the endings and know how things will turn out.

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