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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How To Save Wrex?

Can’t see the beloved giant die, here’s a way to save Wrex in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect has always been about the choices you make and how you handle the team, the legendary edition keeps that essence intact. At the Salarian Base Camp in Virmire, you will come across a choice which will eventually lead to killing Wrex. While it seems very certain there are some ways you can use to save Wrex. Let’s see how to save Wrex in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How To Save Wrex In Mass Effect Legendary Edition?


Mass Effect Legendary Edition Wrex

Once at the base, players will be informed that the Salarian base has a cure for Genophage. The problem arises when it’s conveyed to the team that the Genophage cure will also be destroyed while blowing the Salarian Base. This will make Wrex angry leading you into the situation. There are multiple ways through which you can save Wrex, some will depend on your past actions as well.

While discussing with Wrex, things get heated. When you choose the “I wouldn’t do this otherwise” or “we are” options, Wrex will trust you which will calm him down and end up saving him. This will only happen if you have already completed the “Wrex: Family Armor” side quest before.


In case you haven’t done the quest or choose “this isn’t up for debate” option things take a different turn. Now you will have to use an 8x charm or 8x intermediate to calm Wrex down. After selecting the “those aren’t your people” or “don’t be so naïve” options respectively. This is why upgrading your charm or intermediate skills becomes important.

Another way of saving Wrex automatically is by not recruiting Garrus or Liara on the team. By not recruiting any of them Wrex will not get so angry resulting in the situation never arises. This also comes at a huge cost of two teammates. We recommend you use this only as last resort.

While these were some ways of saving Wrex, letting him die is very easy, all you have to do is select the “shoot Wrex” option. Another way of letting Wrex die is by selecting “Be ready”, “Calm down” or “We can work this out” options, any of these options will lead to Ashely killing Wrex.


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