Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How To Heal With Medigel?

Let’s see how you can heal using the Medigel in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition combines the whole franchise into one. Players get to experience all three games and the 40+ DLC’s at the same place. While this edition aims at luring new players to the franchise, many might not be familiar with the mechanics of the game. One such feature is healing and the use of Medigel. Healing becomes an important aspect in shooter games and veterans will know the importance of this item. Let’s see how to use the Medigel to heal in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

How To Heal Using Medigel In Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

how to heal using medigel mass effect legendary edition 2
The Healing mechanic in all three games is different appealing to their time of release. To heal in Mass effect 1 all you have to do is have Medigel in your inventory. When you feel the need to use it to heal press the “Triangle” button if you are a Play station player. You can press the “V” button on your PC and the “Y” button on your Xbox depending on the platform.

Mass effect 2 introduced auto-healing, so you won’t have to keep your inventory packed. When you see the health bar declining just take cover you will start healing. You will have to wait for some time, but if you don’t have time there’s a way around it. Researching the Trauma model and Emergency shielding will upgrade your auto-healing and enable you to heal faster.

The healing mechanic of Mass effect 3 is slightly more evolved. Player gets the First aid ability, using which they can restore their own health as well as others. In case you get hit hard and lose a health bar (check at the bottom of your screen), first aid ability won’t be enough for this. Players will need to use a Medigel to get the health bar back. First aid ability only refills the health bars and doesn’t make new ones, for that you need have a Medigel.

This was all you needed to know about the healing feature, do check out our article to know how to get new Armor in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.