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Does Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition Have Weapon Restrictions

Find out whether ME2 has weapons restrictions.

Mass Effect initially came out with Weapon Restrictions in ME1. This is a game mechanic devised to make players use weapons from their class only. If you used any weapon out of your class you wouldn’t get the same results. Now, with the rollout of the Legendary Edition pack players are wondering if weapon restrictions are still there. So let’s find out whether ME2 still has Weapon Restrictions.

Are there Weapon Restrictions in Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition?


Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition Weapon Restrictions

Yes, there are Weapon Restrictions in ME2 Legendary Edition. While the game did undergo a massive overhaul with the Legendary Edition those changes do seem to be limited to the visuals. Although, the Weapon Restrictions in ME1 seem to have gone away. ME3 never had weapon restrictions from the very beginning.

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The changes to the weapon restrictions in ME1 Legendary Edition are pretty smart as it allows you to use multiple weapons out of your class. However, there is a tradeoff. You will not get Weapon Bonuses for any weapons you use out of your class. Earlier you could use other weapons but they were completely useless as their targeting was way off and you couldn’t train with them. ME2 seems to have stuck with the older version of restrictions. You will only be able to specialize in a specific weapon in ME2.  However, what this does do is allow you to strategize your gameplay better. You can play around with different class builds along the way to get the best equipment. While it might take away some of the flexibility which ME3 shows, it will help build up your knowledge about specific builds.

This is everything you need to know about weapon restrictions in Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition. While you are here make sure you visit our Mass Effect Legendary Edition Wiki to learn more about the game.