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How to Save Both Ashley & Kaiden in Mass Effect 1?

Is it possible to save both Ashley and Kaiden during the Virmire mission in Mass Effect 1?

Ashley & Kaiden are two of your teammates in Mass Effect 1. During the Virmire mission, you will have a choice to pick one. This means one will be left to die, and the other will survive with you towards the base. Is there a trick to save both Ashley & Kaiden in Mass Effect 1? We will see the same in this article, what are the multiple choices and whom to save between Ashley & Kaiden.

How to save Both Ashley & Kaiden?


You cannot, Mass Effect 1 does not gives you an option to save both of them. You have either pick Ashley who is guarding the bomb or Kaiden who is being attacked at the AA tower. All choices lead to saving one of them, not both.

Saving Kaiden:

ME Saving Kaiden


After placing the bomb, the commander gets a call from Kaiden regarding the attack. He clearly states he cannot make his way to safety. Instead, he will suggest holding the enemies before the bomb is set and ready to detonate. Ask Ashely to hold the enemies, she will proceed with activating the bomb.

Pick I am going to Kaiden to save Kaiden at the AA tower. Make your way all the way to the tower where you will fight Saren. Before there is a long conversation. Ashely will detonate the bomb, the commander and Kaiden will have a discussion on Ashley’s sacrifice.

Saving Ashley:


ME Saving Ashley

Do not want to talk to Saren, then you can just skip all the dialogues if you choose to save Ashley.  Pick “I am going to Ashely”, Kaiden will not be sad with this decision. In the cutscene, you will see the commander carries Ashley safely towards the ship.

All just fly away to safety leaving Kaiden behind. Talking to Ashley you can convince her that your decision was right. A short dialogue brokes here which has no impact on the coming mission.


In both cases, whether you save Kaiden or Ashley they won’t be happy with the decision in the end. They find themselves less worthy and want the other to live. Here the game does not gives you the option to save both. This is why you have to pick one and move forward. Saving Kaiden unlocks a fight with Saren while saving Ashley ends in the ship.

Mass Effect has lots of similar multiple choices like saving the Rachni Queen or Saving or letting the Council die, etc.