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Tell Me Why Chapter 1 – How to open Mary Ann’s Door

Want to know how to open Mary Ann's Door in Tell Me Why Chapter 1 then read this guide for puzzles solution.

Tell Me Why is a graphical novel, a game where you can get connected with the characters. Their secrets and their problems. Tell Me Why also features a lot of puzzles, for example in Tell Me Why Chapter 2 you cannot enter the house without finding a secret backdoor. Similar to this in Chapter 1 you will be stuck at a door. The door of Mary-Ann’s house and to unlock this you have to follow the tips in this article. In this guide I am going to help you on how to unlock Mary-Ann’s door in Tell Me Why Chapter 2.

How to Open Mary-Ann’s Door – Puzzle Solution

It is tricky to unlock Mary-Ann’s door in Tell Me Why. The door is locked via riddle and you have to figure out the right answer to open the same. The answer is in the book of Goblin, inside a story called The Princess’s Party. The story revolves around princes where different animals bring gifts for her. You have to figure among all which is the right gift that fits on spots on the door.

Scratching your head, here are some hints. And the next para after this has the answer. So if you still want to try on your own you can use the hints and solve the puzzle. Or else just read the para below for the final answer.

  • Focus on 3 Symbols on the left page.
  • The symbols shows Torch, Sword and Bag of Gold.
  • All you have to is figure which animals brings which gift.

Given up, then here is the right answer. The three correct animals are Moose, Bear, and Pelican. Pick these three animals and you had solved the puzzle to unlock Mary-Ann’s door. Why these answers are correct?

  • Moose – Stalwart and far-sighted, so he carries a torch.
  • Bear – Uses his sharp claws to protect the princess, so he carries a sword.
  • Pelican – Took care of princess needs, so he carries the bag of gold.

So this was the final puzzle solution to unlock Mary-Anne’s door in Tell Me Why Chapter 2. You can now go inside and unlock more stories.