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Tell Me Why Chapter 1 – How to Get into the House

To enter the house you will have to do certain things and this guide has some easy steps on how to enter the house in Tell Me Why 2.

Tell Me Why is an adventure puzzle game with a lot of hidden mysteries and secrets. It is not just about the people, about friends and family. The house also has a major role in the entire game. All those people who are living in had done something wrong to each other. Over the years they have lied and hurt each other, your job is to live through those character’s life and connect the missing link. You will go through the different puzzles in the house, but the first task is how to enter the house.

How to Enter the house in Tell Me Why Chapter 2


The front door of the house is locked, you cannot get in but there is a backdoor. There is a hidden spot you can use to enter the house. It is secret and located at the backside of the house. Go to the very back and look for a crawlspace below the house. You will have to search for some loose boards, just walk near the, and interact. Using the thin path you can enter the house. Tyler or Alyson can break the boards. But for doing this you will need to unlock a tool.

How to find tool to pry of the loose boards?

Go to the Garage, and walk towards the window at the end. You will find some tools here left by your mom. Before grabbing the tool look through the window to unlock a memory. Take the tool and you can pull out the loose boards. This will make your job a lot easier for crawling inside the house.


Also, there is another solution in the garage, you will have to find a key. It is near the frog statues, just walk around and you will be able to spot the statue. The key is in the middle frog, grab it and you will complete a riddle about seeing, hearing, and speaking no evil. Take the key to the front of the garage and collect the screwdriver also. Now return to the loose boards behind the house and pull them off fast.

You can now enter the house and explore it. There are many things you will still discover as you visit different areas.  More puzzle solutions coming soon, stay tuned to gamertweak.com.