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Marvel’s Spider-Man New Comparison Video Shows Improved Textures & More

A comparison video for Marvel’s Spider-Man shows the differences between the PS5 and PS4 Pro versions. There we mainly notice the revised lighting and the improved reflections.


As is the case with most reprints, a fan made a comparison video for Marvel’s Spider-Man. There the original is compared with the PS5 version, which will be included in the ultimate edition of Spider-Man: Miles Morales in November.

In the video, you can see exactly which optimizations the developers have implemented. Although differences can be recognized, these are limited.

Right at the beginning of the video, we see the improved foresight. The color tone in the revised version is much more pleasant than before. Vehicles and pedestrians can now also be seen a little better from a distance. In addition, the textures have been optically upgraded, which can be seen especially in the costumes.

Thanks to the ray tracing process, there are now significantly more reflections in the game world. This is particularly evident in the scene in which Spidey sticks to the glass wall of a high-rise building and is completely reflected by it.


The character models have also been revised and show the skin, hair, and eyes even more realistically. This makes the facial animations look even more lively.

The biggest difference is the higher frame rate, which reproduces 60 FPS. There is an optional performance mode for this, but the resolution suffers from this. In addition, loading times were drastically reduced, the haptic feedback of the controller was used and the 3D sound was integrated.

The developer recently revealed that the scenes shown are a bit older and that more progress has been made in the meantime. So the graphics can still improve a little before the release

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered will release on PS5 on November 12 in North America and Australia, and on November 19 in Europe and worldwide.