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Marvel’s Avengers Easter Eggs Location | Where To Find All Easter Eggs

All the Easter Eggs in Marvel's Avengers help to give a little bit of backstory to every character. Check out where to find all of the easter eggs in the game.

Easter eggs in Marvel’s Avengers are plenty and just like in the movies you will need to have some eagle-eyed vision to find all of them. Lucky for you, we’ve done the job ourselves so that you don’t have to. If you want to check out all the easter eggs in Marvel’s Avengers, check them out here.

All Easter Eggs Location In Marvel’s Avengers Beta


Marvel’s cinematic universe has been riddled with easter eggs even before phase 1 of their timeline started. This sparked off an international hunt for movie watchers to gather clues about upcoming releases and characters in the films.

The same has been translated in Marvel’s Avengers developed by Square Enix. The developers have hidden vital clues and tiny tidbits about your favorite superheroes in the franchise.

We’ve searched all around the beta for easter eggs and noted them down below for you. Here are all the Easter Eggs found in Marvel’s Avengers:


Thor’s Mug

While Thor is one of the most powerful superheroes in Marvel’s Avengers, he does have a human side to him. The God of thunder as is documented is a fan of drinking which is both well documented in mythology and the films. You can find Thor’s Mug during the mission To Find Olympia.

The mission is part of the main storyline and will take you to a secret room where you will find a lot of Avenger’s memorabilia.


Captain America’s First Shield

In the same room, as you proceed further you will find Captain America’s first shield which he used in WW2. This shield sadly isn’t made of vibranium as the current one but is still as iconic. It has the American red stripes on it with the stars representing the colors of the flag.

You can find this in the same mission titled, To Find Olympia, this room is a treasure chest for awesome Avenger’s stuff. Kamala even mentions the shield being the key to open up a secret doorway, hopefully, it will open something big in the full game.


The First Stark Gold

This is a lump of Gold that you will find in the same room as the above easter eggs. This reference to first Stark gold does not make much sense, but Kamala makes a comment about why preserving a fake one when you can buy the real thing.

Hopefully, when the game gets released, we’ll get to know the reason behind this secret easter egg. We’re hoping this opens a new armor or something similar.

Tony Stark’s Guitar

Tony Stark’s electric guitar has a nice sunburst color scheme going around in and it looks absolutely cool. It makes sense to follow in each and every passion you have when you’re a billionaire playboy philanthropist and genius.

You can find the guitar in the same room as the rest of the easter eggs that are mentioned above. Like others, it stays safe in a glass display case, neatly preserved. Looks like the guys at AIM are taking care of the Avenger’s stuff with care.

Avengers’ West Coast Office

Everyone knows about the Avenger’s tower and how huge and awesome it is, well there’s a cameo of it in Marvel’s Avenger too. This too can be found in the secret room with the rest of the easter eggs, the avengers tower easter egg is hidden in a corner and is not easily seen until you get near to it. Make sure to check out every corner possible and you will find it.

The avenger’s tower was built by Tony Stark as a place for all of the Avengers, hopefully, we’ll see the tower once again in all of its glory in the full game when it releases in September.

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Avenger’s Quarters

On the Chimera itself, there are dedicated rooms for all the superheroes with only two being accessible. One will belong to Kamala as you will be playing with her character early on in the beta itself and the other door which is open belongs to Bruce Banner. The other superhero who is available from the start.

The Daily Bugle

Just recently it was announced that Spider-Man was going to be in the Marvel’s Avengers game and rightfully so to tie up his cameo in the game, Marvel’s Avengers has a Daily Bugle live event being shown. This also brings up the question about J. Jonah Jameson making his presence as his hatred for Spider-Man is never-ending.

To find this easter egg, you will need to go to the Avenger’s Chimera helicarrier and unlock the part where you get to access the HARM room. Here you will be able to find the TV hung up on a wall. What remains to be seen is if Spider-Man is a part of the Daily Bugle as a reporter or still in school.


This is by far the oddest easter egg in the Marvel’s Avengers game but in Kamala’s room, you can find a laptop and once you interact with it, Cheap Thrills by Sia will begin to play. It feels out of place and surely. Maybe there will be more songs to check out in the full game when it releases, it remains to be seen.

Ant-Man’s RV

You can even see the RV used extensively by Ant-Man in the Avenger’s helicarrier, all you need to do is unlock the lower level of Chimera and go towards the HARM room, near to it, you will find the RV.

These were all the easter eggs in Marvel’s Avengers that we were able to find, make sure that you check out all of these in the game and let us know if we missed out on any.

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