Marvel’s Avengers DLC Characters List Leaked: Dr Strange, Ant Man, Black Panther & More

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Marvel’s Avengers is en route to become a massive hit as tons of characters are being poured in the game to make it one of the biggest superhero collective of all time. Earlier we showed you a glimpse into the future DLC characters that were found in the game’s files. Well now, more characters have been leaked that will have some part in Marvel’s Avengers.

Earlier we showed that characters like Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, Kate Bishop, War Machine, and Peter Parker were on schedule to make their appearance post-game, when the main storyline finishes but this new leak sheds new light on more characters are coming to our heroes help.

Below is the list of all the characters that were leaked by Redditor u/6plus4equals52 there are some fan favorites as well as some of the lesser-known characters in the Marvel universe that will either aid our heroes.




Black Panther

Dr Strange





Winter Soldier

Scarlet Witch

Captain Marvel

These characters should provide a varied playing experience as each character has their own motives and a different set of skills that will make up for an interesting combo where you can create a team of different characters and use their abilities that will compliment each other.

The leaks aren’t over just here as the leaks also showed some of the villains that are leaked and will have a huge role in the DLC storyline of Marvel’s Avengers. These antagonists will carry the story forward foreshadowing a sequel that will be released in the future.



Red Hulk




These are all the characters that have been leaked and will have a part to play in the DLC of Marvel’s Avengers, the best thing by far is the part that all of these characters will be free and available on every platform.

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