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Peter Parker, She Hulk And More Leaked As Future DLC Characters In Marvel’s Avengers

Avengers Assemble!

Future DLC characters in Marvel’s Avengers have been leaked and you will get to see some fan favorites as well as lesser-known characters. This will help build the brand of these new characters and bring a new gameplay experience.

The latest leak was datamined from the beta files of Marvel’s Avengers which shows characters like Captain Marvel, She Hulk, Kate Bishop, War Machine, and Peter Parker.

Now we’ve got the original roster of the Avengers team and these characters which are leaked show us that each available character will be associated with someone from the main roster.

As of now, we can predict that Hulk will have some sort of run-in with She Hulk, Hawkeye with Kate Bishop, Iron Man with War Machine and we’re sure Square Enix has something lined up for Peter Parker.

This will not only give players a different dynamic to play with but if there are levels designed especially for these characters it will make Marvel’s Avengers more memorable especially for PC and Xbox users who won’t be getting Spider-Man as a playable character in the full game.

Every character with a Challenge Card is playable and all of the above certainly seem to be making their appearance when the full game gets released in the coming weeks.

It was recently confirmed that Hawkeye will be a DLC character, and with an increasing roster, it just looks like that the road map for Marvel’s Avengers will be huge with constant updates and additional storylines that will focus on storylines with each character getting significant time in the spotlight.

Marvel’s Avengers storyline will be different than the one we’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which will be a nice shift and Marvel has decades of comic book storyline to pick from.

As of right now, AIM is the biggest threat to our superheroes and the people, with bigger enemies like Galactus rumored to be making an appearance later in the game.

It will be interesting to see what Marvel’s Avengers bring up and we cannot wait, check out more about Marvel’s Avengers like How To Beat Abomination right here.