Genshin Impact Marvelous Merchandise Day 2 Item Locations

Here's how to get the items to complete Marvelous Merchandise Day 2 (April 2021).

In this guide, you will find the location of Liben on Day 2 of the Marvelous Merchandise event in Genshin Impact 1.4 (April 2021). Plus, find out what are the materials he is asking for so that you can trade them for rewards. So, let’s get right into where to find them and complete Day’s challenge easily.

Marvelous Merchandise Day 2 (April 2021) – Genshin Impact 1.4

If you are wondering where to find Liben in Genshin Impact (April 2021) on Day 2, he will be in Mondstadt. This is Liben’s location on the map. Visit this place and talk to Liben to get started with today’s challenge.

Genshin impact find liben location day 2Liben will ask for Sunsettia, Pinecone and Carrot on Day 2. You have to find and collect 5 of each item.

How to Get Sunsettia, Pinecone and Carrot in Genshin Impact

You can find Sunsettia around Dadupa Gorge. Simply scour the area to the north of Dadaupa Gorge and you will get enough to fulfill Liben’s Request. Here’s our guide on how to get Sunsettia in Genshin Impact that will help you out further.

Sunsettia locations Marvelous Merchandise event
Sunsettia can be found in the marked region in Genshin Impact

For Pinecones, you don’t have to go further away from Monstadt because they will be mostly found in Mondstadt itself. Also, you can check out Stormbearer Mountains, Qingce Village and Wolvendom for extra Pinecones for Marvelous Merchandise Day 2.

To get Carrots, head over to Springvale, specifically to the east and south of Springvale. You can even go to the south of Dawn Winery to find Carrots in Genshin Impact 1.4. For more, check out Brightcrown Canyon as well.

genshin impact carrots location

Once you have gathered all the materials, head back to Liben and give them to him. That’s how you can earn the rewards and continue your journey in Genshin Impact.

That’s all about Marvelous Merchandise Day 2. Don’t forget to check back here for Day 3 and more. Meanwhile, here are the Genshin Impact codes you can redeem for free gifts.