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How To Get All Marvel Mythic Items Easily In Fortnite

Mythic items in Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 2 are one of the most intriguing items that have been added to the game in its history. You will find each character has a specific mythic item associated with them and if you’re wondering how to get all mythic items in Fortnite, you should check out our tips on it.

How To Unlock Marvel Mythic Items In Fortnite?


Season 4 brought Marvel-themed characters and items to the most popular battle royale game in the world. With the launch of Marvel’s Avengers just a couple of days away, everyone is looking forward to squeezing in as much Marvel as they can.

Fortnite has brought in Mythical items that are tied to specific characters that have arrived in the game. While we’re waiting for the inevitable arrival of Galactus there’s still a bit of time and you should check out all the Mythical items that are available.

Characters like Groot, Silver Surfer, and Doctor Doom have their mythical items that you can get right now in the game, and here’s how to unlock them.


How To Get Groot’s Bramble Shield Mythical Item In Fortnite?

groot bramble shield

Groot’s Bramble Shield looks more or less like the vaulter Baller shield in Fortnite. This new shield will also heal the player with a 25 second cool down. To unlock this shield, you will need to go to the Avenger’s ship and take out all the drones over there. Keep shooting the drones and as soon as the coin drops you can pick up the shield for yourself.


It will test your accuracy, but at the end of you, there’s a nice shield for you to flaunt and use when you’re in the game.

How To Get Silver Surfer’s Board Mythical Item In Fortnite?

silver surfer board fortnite


Not only Galactus but Silver Surfer too is coming to Fortnite, but before he makes his presence felt players can get his board that he uses to travel the universe. You can use this board as a quick getaway item which can take you into the air for a brief moment.

Players will be able to unlock this by getting on to an Avenger’s ship and shooting down as many drones as possible. The drop rate is incredibly rare, so you might need to do this for a while but it surely is one to marvel about.

How To Get Doctor Doom’s Bomb and Gauntlet Mythical Item In Fortnite?

doctor doom mythic items

Doctor Doom’s Mystical bombs are explosive and great to set fire to your opponents with 60 damage per hit making it one of the sought after things in Fortnite. His Gauntlets will launch you in the air allowing you to leave fights and escape when needed.

However, unlocking these items isn’t easy as you will need to defeat Doctor Doom himself in Fortnite. You can find him in Pleasant Park in the football field. Once you defeat him you will be able to get the items.

Make sure to be quick on your feet and grab items as a lot of players will be on your toes to get them.

This is all there is to know about how to get all Marvel Mythic Items In Fortnite. Make sure to check out How To Find Mountain Ruins To Complete Emote As Thor Challenge.