Marvel Future Fight Tier List – Best MFF Characters

Here's our MFF tier list featuring a ranking of all Marvel characters from best to worst.

Searching for the best hero? This Marvel Future Fight tier list will help you out. Players who are getting started with the game can find out which are the best characters that you can pick in the game. Every hero has their own pros and cons, and based on that, we’ve compiled this MFF tier list ranking characters from the best to worst.

Marvel Future Fight Tier List – Best MFF Heroes Ranked

MFF Tier List

We’ve ranked all the Marvel characters from best to worst (S tier to D tier).

S Tier – Marvel Future Fight Tier List

These are some of the best characters that you can pick who are the strongest and more powerful of the lot.

Tier Marvel Character
S Tier Iron man
S Tier Wolverine
S Tier Thanos
S Tier Luna Snow
S Tier Quicksilver
S Tier Namor
S Tier Victorious
S Tier Colossus
S Tier Spider man
S Tier Gambit
S Tier Sharon Rogers
S Tier Cable
S Tier Cyclops
S Tier Thor
S Tier Scarlet Witch
S Tier Mister Fantastic
S Tier Ant man
S Tier Spider man 2099
S Tier Captain America
S Tier Doctor Doom
S Tier Mystique
S Tier Sentry
S Tier Knull
S Tier Venom
S Tier Doctor Strange
S Tier Deadpool
S Tier Dormammu
S Tier Captain Marvel

A Tier

The MFF characters in the A tier are still good, just not as good as the ones in the S tier.

Tier Marvel Character
A Tier Nick Fury
A Tier Silver Surfer
A Tier Minn-erva
A Tier Psylocke
A Tier Medusa
A Tier Moonstone
A Tier Venom
A Tier Magneto
A Tier Agent Venom
A Tier X-23
A Tier Molten Man
A Tier Rescue
A Tier Ebony Maw
A Tier Iron Hammer
A Tier Weapon Hex
A Tier Black Panther
A Tier Mysterio
A Tier Hulk
A Tier Human Torch
A Tier Kid Omega
A Tier Sabretooth
A Tier Corvus Glaive
A Tier Apocalypse
A Tier War Machine
A Tier Electro
A Tier Juggernaut
A Tier Invisible Woman
A Tier Black Widow
A Tier Rachel Summers
A Tier Anti-Man
A Tier Gladiator
A Tier Warpath
A Tier Proxima Midnight
A Tier Winter Soldier
A Tier Archangel
A Tier Amadeus Cho
A Tier Yelena Belova

B Tier – MFF Tier List

The characters in the B tier fall short if compared to those in the S and A tier but they can be useful in good hands.

Tier Marvel Character
B Tier Professor X
B Tier Jean Grey
B Tier Star Lord
B Tier Hulkbuster
B Tier Punisher
B Tier Crystal
B Tier Wave
B Tier Domino
B Tier Loki
B Tier Sentinel
B Tier Medusa
B Tier Bishop
B Tier Thing
B Tier Jubilee
B Tier Vulture
B Tier Hyperion
B Tier Shuri
B Tier Kitty Pryde
B Tier Magik
B Tier Nebula
B Tier White Fox
B Tier Korath
B Tier Rocket Racoon
B Tier Venom
B Tier Morgan Le Fay
B Tier Adam Warlock
B Tier Fantomex
B Tier Beast
B Tier Hydro Man
B Tier Killmonger
B Tier Spider-Gwen
B Tier Valkyrie
B Tier Nova
B Tier Storm
B Tier Groot
B Tier Ancient One
B Tier Kid Kaiju
B Tier Sandman
B Tier Moon Girl
B Tier Odin

C Tier

The Marvel characters in the C tier of this Marvel Future Fight Tier List are average but they are not completely useless.

Tier Marvel Character
C Tier Elsa Bloodstone
C Tier Carnage
C Tier Skurge
C Tier Nightcrawler
C Tier Falcon
C Tier Hela
C Tier Mantis
C Tier Rhino
C Tier Titania
C Tier Yondu
C Tier Ghost Panther
C Tier Satana
C Tier Rogue
C Tier Inferno
C Tier Goliath
C Tier Arachknight
C Tier Hellstorm
C Tier GwenPool
C Tier Iron Fist
C Tier Yellowjacket
C Tier Ulysses Klaue
C Tier Black Bolt
C Tier Quasar
C Tier Red hulk
C Tier Nadia Van Dyke
C Tier Supergiant
C Tier Robbie Reyes
C Tier Wasp
C Tier Medusa
C Tier Ronin
C Tier Miles Morales
C Tier Crescent
C Tier She-Hulk
C Tier Emma Frost
C Tier Stryfe

D Tier

The characters in the D tier are the ones you can try to avoid while building a team.

Tier Marvel Character
D Tier Iceman
D Tier White Tiger
D Tier Volstagg
D Tier Elektra
D Tier Maximus
D Tier Vision
D Tier Hellcat
D Tier Songbird
D Tier Crossbones
D Tier America Chavez
D Tier Ironheart
D Tier Wiccan
D Tier Wong
D Tier Warwolf
D Tier Baron Mordo
D Tier Lizard
D Tier Karnak
D Tier Singularity
D Tier Heimdall
D Tier Silk
D Tier Giant Man
D Tier Lincoln Campbell
D Tier Ulik
D Tier Sif
D Tier Moon Knight
D Tier Doctor Octopus
D Tier Ghost Rider
D Tier Kate Bishop
D Tier Phil Coulson
D Tier Ms Marvel
D Tier Malekith
D Tier Green Goblin
D Tier Squirrel Girl
D Tier Kaecilius
D Tier Luke Cage
D Tier Kraven the Hunter
D Tier Scorpion
D Tier Darkhawk
D Tier Aero
D Tier Taskmaster
D Tier Sword Master
D Tier Viper
D Tier Baron Zemo
D Tier Daken
D Tier Scream
D Tier Cull Obsidian
D Tier Blue Marvel
D Tier Sif
D Tier Clea
D Tier Pymtron

So, that’s our Marvel Future Fight (MFF) Tier List. If you play other Marvel games, you can also check out our tier lists on Marvel Strike Force and Marvel Contest of Champions.