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Marvel Duel Tier List – Best Decks (September 2023)

Here is our Marvel Duel Tier List of the best cards and Decks for each Superhero.

Want the best card to build the best deck? Then take a look at our Marvel Duel Tier List. This fast-paced strategy card game features the world’s most powerful Super Heroes and Super Villains. Players can build decks of their favorite heroes and villains while also creating an effective strategy to outwit their opponents. So, if you want to build the best Super Heroes deck and win every match, then check out our tier list below.

Marvel Duel Tier List – Best Cards & Decks

best decks for superheroes in marvel duel

Currently, there are only seven Superheroes available in the game. Our Marvel Duel Tier List will help you choose the best cards to build the best deck for every Superhero.

Best Deck for Spiderman in Marvel Duel

  1. 4x Caught in the web
  2. 2x Doppelganger Miles
  3. x2 Ghost Spider
  4. x2 Great Responsibility
  5. x4 Gwen Stacy
  6. x2 Mysterio
  7. x4 Silk
  8. x2 Spider-Man(Miles Morales)
  9. x2 Symbiote Spider-Man
  10. x2 Web-shooters

Best Deck for Ironman in Marvel Duel

  1. x2 Arc Reactor
  2. x1 Crimson Dynamo
  3. x2 Hulkbuster Armor
  4. x4 Iron Man Model I
  5. x4 Iron Monger
  6. x2 Madame Masque
  7. x4 Repulsor Blast
  8. x2 Silver Centurion Blade
  9. x2 Silver Centurion
  10. x2 Superior Iron Man

Thor Best Deck in Marvel Duel

  1. x4 Fandral
  2. x1 Guard Army of Asgard
  3. x1 Gungnir
  4. x4 Hogun
  5. x2 Jane Foster
  6. x1 Lady Sif
  7. x2 Mjolnir
  8. x1 Thor
  9. x2 Throg
  10. x1 Valkyrie

Captain Marvel Best Deck

  1. x2 Accuser’s Hammer
  2. x4 Kree Soldiers
  3. x4 Mar-Vell
  4. x1 Minn Erva
  5. x1 Moonstones
  6. x4 Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)
  7. x2 Ms. Marvel(Kamala Khan)
  8. x4 Ronan
  9. x1 Talos
  10. x2 Yon-Rogg

Best Deck for Hela in Marvel Duel

  1. x2 Bloodaxe
  2. x4 Destroyer
  3. x2 Ebony Blade
  4. x4 Enchantress
  5. x4 Frost Beast
  6. x4 Frost Giant
  7. x4 Hela
  8. x4 Kurse
  9. x4 Malekith
  10. x4 Surtur

Best Cards for Star-Lord

  1. x2 Adam Warlock
  2. x4 Cosmo
  3. x4 Drax
  4. x2 Groot
  5. x2 Mantis
  6. x2 Rocket Raccoon
  7. x2 Satr-Lord
  8. x4 The Milano
  9. x3 Yaka Arrow
  10. x2 Yandu

Elektra Best Deck

  1. x4 Banana Peel
  2. x2 Elektra
  3. x2 Jessica Jones
  4. x4 Kingpin’s Revenge
  5. x4 Luke Cage
  6. x2 Moon Knight
  7. x1 Owl
  8. x2 Shang-Chi
  9. x2 The Punisher
  10. x1 Unyielding Will

That’s all you need to know on the Marvel Duel Tier List. We hope you learned how to take the best cards to build the best deck. For rankings of your favorite characters from other mobile games, head to our Tier List page.