How To Marry Rich In Bitlife?

Make your dream of becoming rich by knowing how to marry a rich person in BitLife.

Yes, there is a way to live the posh life that you want by marrying the rich. Pretty much the same mechanics work in the game that works in real life to marry a rich guy. Bitlife will fulfill the fantasies that will give you the experience to be that rich housewife and share that upper status in society. This may look like a difficult task but with the right strategy, you can reach there. In this guide, we tell you how to marry rich in BitLife.

How to Marry Rich In BitLife?

You can use any of these two strategies to marry the rich in BitLife:

Approach 1 to Finding A Rich Person in BitLife

Love Tab

The first approach that you can take to marry rich in BitLife is to use the love tab that has the d**ing application in the game. The application shows various stats of the person before you decide to date the person. Among these stats is the Money Stat. Your best bet is that this status bar be full. Now that might be rare in the game. So the closest that you can find to full will work. If you start d**ing the person and consider marriage, beware of the prenup agreement that they might ask you to sign which is a possibility with rich singles looking to marry. It would also work in your favor to have good looks and build the relationship status before getting into the marriage so that it reaches that stage.

The Second Way to Marry Rich

Marry Rich Bitlife

You can alternatively you can marry rich in BitLife by meeting someone in the game without the d**ing application and check their money stat in their Bitlife profile. If the stat is green they are rich. Do check if their relationship status is single before approaching them. You can also root for someone that you are already seeing to turn rich. But this is a long shot and there is a possibility that they never may turn rich.

So that is all for our guide to marry rich in Bitlife. If you would like to know how to complete the bitlife real housewife challenge then we have an article on that too for you to check out.