Every Marker On The Minimap And What It Means – Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Here is a guide that explains every marker on the minimap in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Wondering what those marks on the minimap mean in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty? Whether you just started playing or have progressed through half the game, those different markers on your minimap can be overwhelming. Being a soulslike game, it’s not easy to understand game mechanics in one go. The markers on your minimap might be confusing for you. But you’ll know all about how they work if you keep reading this guide till the end. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Every Marker on the Minipap Explained in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

wo long arrows minimap

There are a total of three markers or arrows in your minimap in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Each of them has separate colors and also has different purposes. You will be able to find a red, orange, and green marker on your minimap, we’ll explain what all of them mean right here:

Red Marker

The red marker is simply your main objective. It will show the exact location of your next boss fight. You will see it pop up quite often as it is a part of every level. The red marker is actually a blessing in disguise. Since each level can be explored thoroughly for loot or any side quests, the red marker will ensure that you don’t lose your way. So, if you have a habit of exploring too much and getting lost, the red marker will massively help you out.

Orange Marker in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

The orange marker in the game shows the location of your killer or in simple terms – the enemy who felled you. Like classic soulslike games, if an enemy kills you in Wo Long, you will get one chance to retrieve your dropped Genuine Qi or Souls from them. If you die trying while trying this, you will lose your experience items permanently. The orange marker on your minimap will help you get to your killer’s location. This will help you reclaim your valuable Genuine Qi.

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Green Marker on the Minimap

Lastly, the green marker is to indicate ally players around you on the minimap. If you’re playing online with your friends, you will be able to track them with the help of this marker.

That’s all you need to know about all the markers on the minimap in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty and what they mean. We hope that this guide solved all your doubts. For more tips & tricks like this, head to our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty section on Gamer Tweak.