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Mario Party Superstars How To Play With Friends (Online Guide)

Got your hands on Mario Party Superstars and are now looking for ways to play with friends? Check out this guide to learn about it.

Mario Party Superstars is a first-party Nintendo game that features Mario characters. This game is quite fun to play while being notoriously infamous for breaking friendships. But whether you make new friends or break some old friendships, there is no doubt it is the most fun when played with others. So in this guide let us take a look at how to play Mario Party Superstars with Friends.

How to play Mario Party Superstars with Friends


how to play mario party superstars with friends

There are three ways that you can play this game with friends:

  • Offline Play
  • Local Play
  • Online Play

Offline Play

This mode allows you to play on the same Nintendo Switch system. Basically, grab four Joy Cons (or Joy Cons based on the number of friends that are going to play), get your friends together, and have some classic fun. Just choose this option then select the number based on the players playing, and start the game.

Local Play


This option is ideal if you and your friends have their own individual Switch systems. For using this mode you and your friends have to be in the same area or vicinity. The host gets to decide the number of players that will play the game. And they can also set a passcode if needed and then other players can join the lobby.

Online Play

This mode offers you two modes:

  • Global Game: This mode is ideal if you want to play Mario Party with random strangers.
  • Friend Game: You should play in this mode if your friends are far away. Just tap on this mode, then you will see a cutscene that leads you to a house outside which Toadette stands. Here you will get two options Create room and Join room. When you create a room you get options like Entry Restrictions and Passcode. Just share the Room Id with your friends, which they will need to enter in the Join room tab. If the right code is shared and entered then you and your friends should be playing this game together in no time.

That covers everything you need to know about how to play with friends and strangers in Mario Party Superstars. If you like playing Nintendo games be sure to check out our other guides on Mario Party Superstars characters list and Mario Kart 64 Cheats for Nintendo Switch.