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Mario Kart’s New Multiplayer Update 2.1.0 Is Out Now

We get 2 new multiplayer modes with this update

Nintendo recently released its new Multiplayer update 2.1.0 for Mario Kart Tour a few days back. This is a minor update in addition to the much enormous 2.0 update that rolled out in early March of 2020. The new multiplayer update mainly focuses on adding features to the multiplayer mode to this game. Besides a few added options, it also sets a new pathway to the coming updates.

This update has arrived soon after the start of the Flower Tour Part 2. We were introduced to a new racer with this our – Monty Mole. We now have new circuits in the baby Daisy Cup for this season – RMX Choco Island 1T, 3DS Mario Circuit R, and the 3DS Toad Circuit R. The update 2.1.0 can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices.

Features of Mario Kart Tour update 2.1.0

Mario Kart Tour now allows you more cooperative gameplay with this update. And for the future tours, you will receive support during engagements in Expert Challenges. You can engage in competitive races with fellow members, dividing the multiplayer into 2 modes –

Team Race

Derived from the good-old Mario Kart games, the Team Race Mode allows you a competition between 4 or fewer teams. This mode is solely based on your teamwork, the points you earn will depend on how aptly you pool your players in the race. Friendly fire is by default deactivated in the Team race mode, so you can go all out against your rival teams.

Room Code

This is a highly customizable multiplayer mode to Mario Kart Tours. Unlike other modes, you can create your very own room and send invites to specific players of your choosing. This can be done by sharing a unique code with the players you wish to include in that room. Unlike the Team Race mode, you can include up to 8 players in your custom made room.

Mario Kart Tour has been one of the most successful releases by Nintendo since September 2019. In the early onset of the game, it lacked a ton of features and game modes which became available with the monthly updates eventually. The multiplayer mode itself was added in late March this year, and since then Nintendo has seen a massive surge of new gamers who intend to engage in competitions with other players across the globe.