Mario Kart Characters List (Weights Explained)

Here are all the characters that you can play as in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and their weights.

Mario Kart is known for having beloved characters not only from the Mario series. But the latest entry MK8 Deluxe also has from some characters from other Nintendo games like Link, Isabelle, Villagers, and more. And each of them change how you race around on the wide variety of tracks. So without further ado here are all the characters and their weights in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

All Mario Kart Characters & their Weights List

mario kart characters and their weights list

Character Weight
Mario Medium-Heavy
Luigi Medium-Heavy
Peach Medium
Daisy Medium
Rosalina Heavy
Tanooki Mario Medium
Cat Peach Medium
Yoshi Medium
Toad Light
Koopa Troopa Light
Shy Guy Light
Lakitu Light
Toadette Light
King Boo Heavy
Baby Mario Very Light
Baby Luigi Very Light
Baby Peach Very Light
Baby Daisy Very Light
Baby Rosalina Very Light
Metal Mario/Gold Mario Heavy
Pink Gold Peach Heavy
Wario Very Heavy
Waluigi Heavy
Donkey Kong Heavy
Bowser Very Heavy
Dry Bones Very Light
Bowser Jr. Light
Dry Bowser Very Heavy
Lemmy Very Light
Larry Light
Wendy Light
Ludwig Medium Heavy
Iggy Medium Heavy
Roy Heavy
Morton Very Heavy
Inkling Girl Medium
Inkling Boy Medium
Link Heavy
Villager male Medium
Villager female Medium
Isabelle Light
Mii Weight Changes

The reason Mii says Weight changes, is because the Size of your Mii character decides its weight in Mario Kart.

What does Weight do in Mario Kart?

Weight in Mario Kart determines your acceleration and speed. The lighter your character the faster acceleration it will have. But the heavier your character is, the faster speed it will have. So there isn’t exactly a case of which weight is the best, but rather which weight is suited to your playstyle.

Another thing to remember is the heavier your character is the more it will become difficult to handle them. But again, while this might sound like a bad deal, heavier characters can’t be pushed around by lighter characters.

So you should experiment with the different characters and Karts in the game to see which weight as a whole works the best for you.

That covers this guide on all Mario Kart characters and their weights. If you like this game you should find our lists interesting on the Mario Kart Tour Tier List and the MK8 Deluxe Character Tier List.