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Genshin Impact: How To Defeat Marana’s Avatar

Check out our guide on how to defeat Marana's Avatar in Genshin Impact.

The most recent v3.0 Sumeru update of Genshin Impact features a wide range of new quests, enemies, and bosses. Marana’s Avatar is the final boss to the Aranyaka: Part III World quest. During this fight, you will also be accompanied by Arama (and Paimon) for some buffs. Although defeating her can be a piece of cake, her dark powers can be a bit hassle. So, here’s our guide on how to defeat Marana’s Avatar in Genshin Impact.

How to Defeat the Marana’s Avatar in Genshin Impact

Marana’s Avatar is a literal purple-colored blob in a different boss arena or location. But to damage and beat her, you need to clear out the nearby Withering Zones and stop the decay. There are three Withering Zones and clearing them weakens the boss. For this fight, you will control a Traveller with an Ascended Silver Sword at level 80. So, you don’t need to worry about leveling up your characters.

Follow these steps to defeat Marana’s Avatar:

  • You need to follow Arama who will guide you towards the Withering Zones.
  • After clearing out any of the Withering Zone, you will be prompted with the grapple points.
  • You need to use them to grab your way back to Marana’s Avatar.
  • Hit and damage her before you get on with clearing the Withering Zones.
defeat maranas avatar genshin impact
Image Source – WoW Quests on YouTube.
  • Then, follow Arama back to the Withering Zones and clear them out.
  • For the entirety of the boss fight, you will be switching in-between locations. But as you proceed to do so, you will encounter several Rifthound enemies.
  • You can also be damaged by the Withering Light attack by Marana’s Avatar.
  • You need to enter Arama’s protective barrier to protect yourself from this damage.
  • This protective dome not only protects you from damage but also heals your HP.
  • Once you have destroyed another Tumor, head back to Marana’s Avatar and attack her with elemental damage.
how to defeat maranas avatar in genshin impact
Image Source – WoW Quests on YouTube.
  • As mentioned earlier, there are three Withering Zones that you need to clear out.
  • Upon clearing out the last Withering Zone and heading back to Marana’s Avatar, you will encounter some Rifthounds.
  • These Rifthounds would be in the arena guarding her and ready to attack you.
  • But not to worry as Arama will also be offering you support. Thus, if you are HP is too low, you can head back to Arama’s barrier to heal and protect yourself.

After you deplete Marana Avatar’s health completely, a cutscene will be triggered. During this cutscene, she will unleash a dark beam upon everyone. With the collective memories of your adventures with Aranara, you and Arama will be able to take out the boss. But on the flip side, Arama will sacrifice himself to become a cleansing tree and this will also result in Aranara losing memories.

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