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How To Find All Map Shortcuts Easily In Cuphead

How to find hidden Cuphead Shortcuts?

Map shortcuts in Cuphead are strategically placed so that you do not have to defeat every enemy in the game. If you want to know more about all the map shortcuts in Cuphead, you’ve come to the right place.

Where To Find All Map Shortcuts In Cuphead


Cuphead’s release on the PlayStation 4 has seen a rise of players log into the game and it seems like there is a renaissance to Cuphead after its initial launch on PC and Xbox One consoles. There are ways in which you do not have to defeat every boss in Cuphead as you can use a few shortcuts to bypass certain areas in the game.

You must keep in mind though that no matter what you do, you will not be able to proceed further ahead than King Dice in the Dice House. There are a few shortcuts that we will highlight in this guide that will help you circumnavigate a new area and you can explore more than just where the game points at you to go.

Inkwell Isle One


Inkwell Isle One is the first area that players are introduced to when they get in Cuphead, there is a shortcut right near the Ruse Of An Ooze boss level. Instead of going ahead to defeat the boss Goopy Le Grande, you can skip it and right of the start of the level.

You will find that there is a natural bridge underneath that will take you to the other side of the river without needing to unlock anything in the game. All you have to do is proceed under the bridge, move straight ahead, turn right and then walk down. This will take you to the other side without needing to get into any fights. On the other side, you will find access to levels like Treetop Trouble, Floral Fury, and Mausoleum I.

Inkwell Isle Two


Inkwell Isle Two is where things start to get interesting as you cannot just skip this level without defeating anyone. You will need to complete the Sugarland Shimmy level to access the shortcut.

After you defeat Baroness Von Bon Bon, you should head over near the level Aviary Action. Do not start the level and instead simply walk behind the birdhouse. Keep moving behind the mountains and you will reach level Fiery Frolic to fight Grim Matchstick.

Inkwell Isle Three


Once again, you will need to defeat one boss before you can access the shortcut in this area of Cuphead. You will need to go up against and defeat Rumor Honeybottoms in the level Honeycomb Herald. After doing this, you can get to the area called Junkyard Jive.

Here you will be able to see a crane, simply move past it and keep moving further and it will take you to the other side of the fence, going up ahead will take you to the Dramatic Fanatic early in Cuphead. These are all the shortcuts that you can find and get access to bosses and levels early in the game. If you are someone who is looking to speed-run Cuphead. These shortcuts will come in handy.

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