All Map Icons & What They Mean In Sons Of The Forest Explained

Here are all the map icons and what they mean in Sons of the Forest.

Having a few map icons without any details can be confusing. So it is not a surprise that players are wondering what all map icons are and what they mean in Sons of the Forest. Of course, once you understand them, it will get quite easy for you to navigate through the island with your GPS. But in the meanwhile, if you are falling into trouble because you don’t understand the meaning of the icon, then this guide is for you. If you want to navigate through the forest and survive while completing your tasks and acquiring what you need, we recommend you go through this guide.

All Map Icons & What They Mean in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Map Markers & Green Dots

Since only a few colored icons appear, it is fairly easy to get confused. Hence, identifying the meaning of the color coded items is quite necessary. Here is what the map icons mean in Sons of the Forest:

  • K – The letter K belongs to your companion Kelvin, who is quite useful. Having a mark on his location is quite favorable for you if you have any tasks for him. Before you meet him, you will be able to see the helicopter icon on the map.
  • Purple Markers – The purple markers are for useful and important items that you can get in the game. Many of them require a shovel if you want to get them.
  • Green Circles – Green Circles are story related items and you need them to progress further
  • White Markers – White Markers will show you where you can find a cave that houses important items or crafting materials.

What are Green Dots on the GPS in Sons of the Forest?

Green Dots are the same as green circles and they show story related items or locations that are important for progression. They can also showcase places that need keycards to enter.

Additionally, you can also place your own markers in order to mark something of importance to you.

That’s all on Map Icons and what they mean in Sons of the Forest. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Sons of the Forest guides right here at Gamer Tweak.