Rage 2 All Legends Guide – Map Icons And What They Meant?

Legends icon will help you to find activities on Map

Legends are icons on the Map that will help you to track down all the activities in Rage 2, in this guide I will give you the list of icons and what they meant? For example, after unlocking the maps you can see Ark locations on it, blue icons, it will help you to set Waypoint and then follow the GPS lines on the road to reach your destiny. Map icons make easy to track Convoy, Pit Shop, Nest, Forge, Feltrite location, Echo, Main Missions, MBTV Balloon rewards, Bounty, Race, and much more.

All Legend Icons on Rage 2 Map – Screenshot Guide

Map Activities Legends

Map icons on Rage 2

Under activities, you will find the common icons to track down Map activities like Mission Objective to play the main story missions. MBTV Balloons drops crates with rewards in them, they are easy to spot. Just look high in the air. You can also track down Bounty, Race Challenger, Mutant Bash TV, Race Circuit and Exploration Location.

Kill & Destroy Legends – Map Icons

Map icons on Rage 2

If you spot purple icons these are mostly related to killing up the aliens in the region. All activities like this land under Kill and Destroy. So you have to find the creatures and destroy their nest along with killing the creature. You can find Crusher Nest, Mutie Nest, Bandit Den and Electro Forge for the above map icons. By completing the objectives you can unlock Projects by John Marshall.

Capture & Control Legends – Map Icons

Map icons on Rage 2

In the above screenshot, you can see legends for Capture & Controls projects by Loosum Hagar. This mostly includes finding a Pit Shop, destroying Road Chokers, Repowering Stations, attacking Convoys and destroying Authority Sentry. So if you spot any of these icons on the map and if you complete the objectives you will unlock Projects under Capture & Controls section of Rage 2.

Search & Destroy Legends – Map Icons

Map icons on Rage 2

These are the collectibles icons on the map, you have to collect them to unlock projects under Search and Destroy section of Rage 2. Look for blue icons for Feltrite Meteorite, Arks, and Ranger Echo. By locating the collectibles you can unlock Projects by Dr. Kvasir.

Now it will be easier for you to find what is going around in the map, if you find a red icon then it will take you to the Main Missions, a bluish indicates an ark location and so on. You can then choose what objectives you want to complete first.