How To Make Roasted Suckling Pig In Tower Of Fantasy – TOF Recipe

Check out how to make Roasted Suckling Pig in Tower Of Fantasy (TOF) easily.

Ever thought of managing a Café? If yes then you’re in luck. Tower of Fantasy has its new event live known as Aida Café. In this event, you have to manage a Café and prepare meals for the other characters in the game. If you’ve already participated in the event and need some help, then we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll help you cook Roasted Suckling Pig in Tower Of Fantasy (TOF).

How to Cook Roasted Suckling Pig in Tower Of Fantasy? (Locations)

How To Make Roasted Suckling Pig Tower Of Fantasy TOF
Picture Credits: Kyrios Yuudai

Here’s how you can cook Roasted Suckling Pig in Tower Of Fantasy (TOF). Before we move ahead, newcomers please note that this event is only accessible for the wanderers at or above Level 17. In order to make the Roasted Suckling Pig, you’ll require some ingredients that are pretty tricky to find. For your reference, we’ve mentioned the recipe along with the locations to find it in the article below.

  • Wild Boar Meat – To find the Boar Meat you’ll require to hunt and kill Wild boars located in Astra.
  • Sugar Cube – Finding Sugar can be a little of a hassle, to get it you’ll need to fight and defeat Aidan Soldiers in the Banges.
  • Honey – In order to find Honey players will need to find Needlebee hives and attack them to release the Needlebees. However, to get the honey you’ll also need to defeat the bees. These hives are found in the North & South of Aesperia.
  • Lettuce – Players can get Lettuce all over Astra but it’s especially found in the South & North side. As soon as you see Lettuce interact with it and add it to your inventory.

Now you know the location and the recipe to make Roasted Suckling in Tower of Fantasy. Once you have all the ingredients head to the Cooking Station and start making the main course dish in the Cooking Pot. This main course is one of the super rare dishes and helps you recover 20 Satiety in the game. This is all you need to know about how to make a Roasted Suckling Pig in TOF. while you’re here take a look at the best weapons available in Tower Of Fantasy.

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