How To Make Ohio In Infinite Craft – Recipe And Combos

Here’s the Recipe and Combination to make one of the most popular American States, Ohio in Infinite Craft.

One of the most intriguing things about Infinite Craft is that it lets you create several locations. From New York to Japan and Berlin to Russia, you can create so many places if you know the right Recipes and Combinations. Speaking of it, you can also create some famous American States like Ohio. The only trouble is that creating this location is very complex and hence may you need our guide as a reference.

Here, we have mentioned the correct combinations for making Ohio in Infinite Craft. Also, stick to the end to learn about other things that you can make using Ohio. So, let’s get started.

Here’s How to Make Ohio in Infinite Craft

How To Make Ohio In Infinite Craft
Mixing Columbus and State to make Ohio in Infinite Craft. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

To make Ohio in Infinite Craft, you will have to mix Columbus with the State. This makes sense as Columbus is the Capital of the Ohio State. Assuming that you haven’t figured out how to make Columbus and State, here’s how you can make both of them:

  • Recipe for Making Columbus
    • Water + Water = Lake
    • Fire + Fire = Volvano
    • Lake + Volcano = Island
    • Island + Island = Continent
    • Continent + Lake = US America
    • US America + Earth = US USA
    • US USA + Fire = Flag
    • Flag + Continent = Country
    • Fire + Water = Steam
    • Steam + Fire = Engine
    • Engine + Lake = Boat
    • Boat + US America = Columbus
  • Recipe for Making State
    • Earth + Water = Plant
    • Fire + Wind = Smoke
    • Plant + Smoke = Incense
    • Incense + Smoke = Prayer
    • Prayer + Prayer = Temple
    • Temple + Earth = Church
    • Church + Country = State

Now that you have both the Columbus and State, combine them both to get Ohio in Infinite Craft.

  • Columbus + State = Ohio

Don’t just stop here. Once you have Ohio, combine it with other ingredients and find out what else you can create.

What to Make with Ohio in Infinite Craft

Below is a list of those few things that you can make with Ohio:

  • Ohio + Country Music = Kenny Rogers
  • Ohio + State = Buckeyes
  • Ohio + Water = Lake Erie
  • Ohio + Earth = Corn
  • Ohio + Prayer + Oy
  • Ohio + Lava = Cleveland
  • Ohio + Cleveland = LeBron
  • Ohio + King Kong = Cincinnati
  • Ohio + Cincinnati = Skyline
  • Ohio + New Jersey = Joisey
  • Ohio + Dance = Polka

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