Infinite Craft: How To Make Berlin (Recipe Guide)

Berlin is an easy combination of elements like Continent, Asia, Europe, Wall. If you are interested in making the German capital, here’s everything you will need.

There are numerous elements for players to craft including major cities of some of the top countries in the world. Since there is no limitation, you can craft almost anything you want to if you have the correct combinations. Since there are numerous cities that players want to craft, getting their recipes would be on the minds of players. This guide will help you make Berlin in Infinite Craft, the German capital.

There are numerous possibilities for finding a recipe that you can do through experimentation. Berlin is a beautiful city and it’s understandable that you would want to craft it. Since players often get stuck in this game, they look for Infinite Craft cheats that can help them move forward with different combinations. Finding the correct combinations out of four starting elements is tough and if Berlin is challenging, this guide will help you with everything.

How to Make Berlin in Infinite Craft

How to Make Berlin in Infinite Craft
Image via Neal.Fun

These are the elements you need to combine to make Berlin in Infinite Craft:

  • Earth + Wind = Dust
  • Dust + Water = Mud
  • Mud + Fire = Brick
  • Brick + Brick = Wall
  • Water + Water = Lake
  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Fire = Volcano
  • Volcano + Lake = Island
  • Island + Island = Continent
  • Earth + Earth = Mountain
  • Mountain + Continent = Asia
  • Asia + Continent = Europe
  • Europe + Wall = Berlin

Since it is easy to get confused with so many recipes, you can find all Infinite Craft combinations in our guide here.

That’s all you will need from this guide to craft Berlin in Infinite Craft. While you are here, check out recipes like Pineapple, TVComputer, and more if you are stuck with them right here at Gamer Tweak.