Pikmin 4: How To Teach Oatchi To Swim

Here is a guide on how you can teach your adorable space dog Oatchi to swim in Pikmin 4.

When you rescue Oatchi at the start of Pikmin 4, you will be surprised to know how many skills he has got at his disposal, well except not knowing how to swim. However, players can teach their adorable space dog swimming lessons given they are ready to go through some tough cutscenes. There is a lot to explore for players in the newest installment of Pikmin and as you track down your crew members in the game, unlocking various Oatchi’s skills will help you ease your gameplay. Once Oatchi learns to swim, players can travel across waters and explore a lot more land in the game. So if you are wondering how to start the swimming lessons in Pikmin 4, then check out this guide further to know more about it.

How to Make Oatchi Swim in Pikmin 4

how to make oatchi swim in pikmin 4

To teach Oatchi to swim, players will have to unlock his Doggy Paddle skill in Pikmin 4. As mentioned earlier, there are various skills that the space dog can learn that will help you in the game. Although players will have to prepare themselves for some tough cutscenes to see. The only way for Oatchi to learn to swim is to first experience a drowning incident. After which he will be determined to learn how to swim and will be trained by Erma Shepherd, the captain of Rescue Corp herself. To trigger the cutscene, you can follow the steps given below:

  • First, bring Oatchi near a water body in Pikmin 4.
  • Once you start entering the water, Oatchi will gradually start to drown.
  • This will trigger the cutscene of him almost drowning, although worry not, you will be able to whistle him back to shore.
  • After experiencing the near-drowning incident, Oatchi will learn how to swim.
  • Players will have to wait 2 days to pass in-game.
  • After which Erma Shepherd will inform you about the big breakthrough.

Once Oatchi learns how to swim in Pikmin 4, you will be able to travel across the waters with ease. The Doggy Paddle skill can be upgraded two levels further in the game. Level 2 will unlock his ability to swim faster while with level 3 he will be able to dive into water and chomp on underwater creatures too. This makes it easy for players to discover treasures that reside underwater. To upgrade the skills players will have to spend Pup drive while talking to Erma Shepherd in the game.

That’s everything covered on how to teach Oatchi to Swim in Pikmin 4. Check out more guides like these on our dedicated Pikmin 4 section, right here on Gamer Tweak.