How To Make Mushroom In Infinite Craft (Recipe & Combos)

Looking for a simple recipe to make Mushroom in Infinite Craft? Here’s everything you need to know about this crafting process.

You can unleash your creativity and create anything you desire in Infinite Craft. Players can combine elements, craft new items, and use them to make a series of special and unique ideas, celebrities, structures, games, presidents, and even intangible elements like Love and Hate. However, in order to create all of these rare items you will need a few basic elements at your disposal so that you can continue to use them as an ingredient while crafting recipes. Similarly, players have been wondering how they can make Mushroom.

This element is used as one of the ingredients while making several recipes in this game, namely, Super Mario, Rocket League, and Uranium. Here’s how you can quickly get this item so that you can use it to get all the elements you want in Infinite Craft.

How to Get Mushroom in Infinite Craft

How To Get Mushroom In Infinite Craft
Image Credits – Neal.Fun

Mushroom is one of the easiest crafting recipes in Infinite Craft, as it can be completed in just 4 steps. To add to this, the majority of these combinations consist of the base elements – Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth. Here’s how you can quickly craft this element so that you can use it as an ingredient while creating other recipes.

  1. You will have to mix Wind and Fire to get Smoke.
  2. Combine Smoke and Water to generate Fog.
  3. Add Earth and Water to create Plant.
  4. Now, you can get the unique element you want by combining Plant and Fog to make Mushroom.

Other Crafting Recipes with Mushroom as an Ingredient in Infinite Craft

  • Mushroom + Mushroom = Giant Mushroom
  • Mushroom + Water = Soup
  • Mushroom + Wind = Spore
  • Mushroom + Spore = Fungus
  • Mushroom + Fungus = Toadstool
  • Mushroom + Toadstool = Toad
  • Mushroom + Toad = Mario
  • Mushroom + Mario = Super Mario
  • Mushroom + Tornado = Fungi
  • Mushroom + Fungi = Shroom

And that’s everything you need to know in case you are looking for a quick and easy recipe to make Mushroom. To know more about Infinite Craft, check out our dedicated section available here on Gamer Tweak. Additionally, don’t forget to go through our list of 1000+ combinations and recipes and also learn how you can make Dark Souls, Religion, Blood, and Vampire.