How To Get Money Fast In Roblox Jailbreak

Here is how you can earn those dollars and become rich in Roblox Jailbreak

Roblox Jailbreak is a game that will make you experience what it is like being a criminal and police in one game itself. Get the rush of committing crimes and earning money while on the run and be the good guy and save the city from the criminals being a cop. When you are a criminal, you are all about that money! In this guide, we will tell you how to earn more money fast in Roblox Jailbreak.

How to Get Money Fast in Roblox Jailbreak?

Player Option
All you have to do is get a Helicopter and rob a few buildings to get money fast in Roblox Jailbreak. When you enter the game, you will get an option to choose to become the Police or a Prisoner. Here, choose the police option initially. This will get you access to the rooftop of the building where the Helicopter is. When you get the helicopter as a cop it will be blue in color. Just hop on into it and bring it down to the open gym area of the jail. Go back inside the Jail and switch your character to a prisoner in the same game. Now go out to the helicopter that you just landed. Hijack it and fly out of the jail. The helicopter should turn black in color.

Jailbreak Escape

Your goal after hijacking the helicopter is to rob the vicinity buildings to make money fast in Jailbreak. The key here is to keep a track of time as not all of the buildings are open at all times. Your best bet would be to rob the Gas station and the Donut Store if it is earlier than 3 pm. The bank and the Jewellery store open up at 10 pm. Jailbreak also has a train spawn at 3 pm and the museum will open at the same time too. Remember, only the red compartments can be robbed and not the blue ones. There are chances that the train will be completely blue and you will not be able to rob it. The bank and the Jewellery store opens at 10 pm. So according to the time you jailbreak, you will have to rob the open stores. This way you can earn a bucket load of money in Roblox Jailbreak.

So that is all for our guide on how to earn money fast in Roblox Jailbreak. If you would like to know what are the best weapons in the game, check out our guide on that too.