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RimWorld: How To Make Herbal Medicine

Guide on how to make Herbal medicine in RimWorld.

RimWorld is a game that takes place in the future. While human beings have traveled across the world and beyond, there is no steady progress between these colonies. Here, your decisions matter most as they can endanger a colony or help it progress. As you go about in these colonies you can do all kinds of things, from combat to saving colonists and even animals. As you play, you will see that there is a great demand for medicine. If you want to make your own herbal medicine in RimWorld then this is the guide for you.

How to Make Herbal Medicine in RimWorld

How to Make Herbal Medicine in RimWorld

There are three kinds of medicine that you can make/get in RimWorld. These are herbal, ordinary, and Glitterworld medicines. Each has different levels of healing potency and can boost other lab-made drugs as well.

One of the recipes that you need to have is that of herbal medicine in RimWorld. This is the weakest of the three but can be used to heal injuries. However, you will need to store it in the fridge or it will lose its potency. The current medical status of the same is 60%.

Here are all of the steps that you need to take in order to make herbal medicine:

  • Get one of your colonists to Growing level 8
  • Set a growing zone that has been protected with walls to keep wild animals away
  • You will need to get a plant called Healroot (Xerigium for older versions of the game)
  • Now, have them plant the Healroot in the set growing zone
  • Now, wait for the Healroot to grow
  • Once grown, have a colonist with the plant cutting skill start harvesting the same
  • Once harvested, this plant will automatically turn into Herbal medicine

This is how you can get herbal medicine in RimWorld. You can easily use this to treat colonists that you don’t find valuable or as an ingredient in other drugs.

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