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RimWorld: How To Make Neutroamine

This is a guide on how to make Neutroamine in RimWorld. This is a vital item in making drugs and medicines.

The top-down indie game RimWorld is a futuristic game where humans are spread across the universe. While there are different colonies, the player character is stranded on the procedurally generated planet. With the end goal of constructing a spaceship in mind, the random traits given to the characters will affect the nature of the gameplay. Although your goal is to escape the planet, you will first have to build a civilization. While multiple resources and items help you progress, some might turn out to be difficult to get. Neutroamine is one such resource that is difficult to find. So let’s check out how to make Neutroamine in RimWorld.

How to Get Neutroamine in RimWorld


RimWorld Make Neutroamine

While it is not possible to make Neutroamine in RimWorld, you can still get it from a few sources. Since it is vital for making medicines and drugs, it is quite necessary that you find it. Here’s what you need to do to get Neutroamine in RimWorld:

  • The best way to get Neutroamine in RimWorld is by trading with other factions. While you get it for about 6 Silver per unit, and you can get between 50 to 200 units from them.
  • However, you can only get Neutroamine in the Outlander Bases.
  • Since you wish to have a constant supply, the stock of Neutroamine refills every thirty days. So you can take a caravan and travel every thirty days to get Neutroamine.
  • While you can purchase it from bulk traders as well, Pirate traders also have Neutroamine in RimWorld. Although the cost price is double the regular price. If you are in urgent need, you can get it from Pirate Traders.
  • Additionally, you might get it from raiding other settlements or being left behind by raiders who lose to your base.
  • You might even get it through Cargo Pods but that is an RNG method and thus there is no guarantee.


That’s all on how to get Neutroamine in RimWorld. While you are here, make sure you check out our guides on RimWorld at Gamer Tweak.