How To Make Grass In Infinite Craft (Recipe & Combos)

Wondering how to get Grass in Infinite Craft and where to use it? You can follow this crafting recipe and then try the listed combos.

Grass in Infinite Craft might not be the most versatile unit, but it certainly gives plenty of advanced ones. Many of the elements we create with its help are used to make lengthy combo recipes shorter. Among the many of its uses, crafting Panda, Bonsai, Bamboo, Firefly, and Dragonfly are some of the best ways to utilize it.

Once you have this unit, crafting the mentioned blocks is just a few seconds of work. Apart from that, they can further be combined to get even better elements that will help you in creating movie titles, characters, personalities, behavior, things, and more.

How to Craft Grass in Infinite Craft

How to Craft Grass in Infinite Craft
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The simplest way to get the Grass is by combining two pieces of Field. Here’s the recipe to craft the Field and then use it for the unit:

  • First, combine two pieces of the Water for Lake.
  • Next, Put Earth and Water together for Plant.
  • Add Wind to the Plant for Dandelion.
  • Mix two blocks of Dandelion for Dandelion Patch.
  • Add Lake to Dandelion Patch to get Duck.
  • Put Duck and Water together for Duckling.
  • Mixing Duckling with Duck will give you Family.
  • Now combine Earth with Family to get a Farm.
  • Mix Earth and Farm to obtain Field.
  • Put together two elements of Field to craft Grass.

How to Get Bonsai and Bamboo

  • Bonsai can be created by combining Grass with Japan. Japan is made with the Island and Asia. Asia is obtained by mixing the Continent with Mountain, and the Island is an outcome of Ocean + Earth.
  • Bamboo is made by mixing Grass with China. You can get China by putting together Earth and Asia.

How to Get Firefly and Dragonfly

  • Firefly is simply made by combining Grass with Fire.
  • Dragonfly is obtained by mixing Grass and Dragon. The Dragon can be created by combining Swamp and Fire. If you add Water to Grass, you get a Swamp.

Best Recipes to Craft With Grass in Infinite Craft

Best Recipes to Craft With Grass in Infinite Craft
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  • Grass + Earth = Lawn
  • Grass + Plant = Garden
  • Grass + Music = Reggae
  • Grass + Car = Lawnmower
  • Grass + Boulder = Landscape
  • Grass + Glass = Window
  • Grass + Demon = Goat
  • Grass + Goat = Cheese
  • Grass + Cheese = Mouse
  • Grass + Godzilla = Lizard
  • Grass + Lizard = Chameleon
  • Grass + Chameleon = Camouflage
  • Grass + Temple = Moses
  • Grass + BTS = Jungkook
  • Grass + Swan = Lily
  • Grass + Lily = Flower
  • Grass + Airplane = Crop Duster
  • Grass + Tomb = Grave
  • Grass + Pixar = Wall-E
  • Grass + Dreamworks = Shrek
  • Grass + Disney = Mickey Mouse
  • Grass + Mickey Mouse = Goofy
  • Grass + Shrek = Donkey
  • Grass + Donkey = Mule
  • Grass + Christmas = Holly
  • Grass + China = Bamboo
  • Grass + Bamboo = Panda

With Grass in Infinite Craft, you have unlocked a bunch of advanced and initial recipes, so keep combining and get them all. Also, since you are already here, why not check out our other guides, like how to make Cotton and get Metal.