How To Make Cotton In Infinite Craft

Looking for one of the most comfortable fabric ingredients used for making clothes? Here is how you can create cotton in Infinite Craft.

In Infinite Craft, it is easy to make grand things like Galaxy, Star Wars, and Religion among many others. However, at times you can combine some basic things to get something as useful as cotton. While it may not appear as big as many other creations it can still help you unlock some really unique recipes. So below is how you can get it and some things to make from it:

How to Get Cotton in Infinite Craft

How To Make Cotton In Infinite Craft
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. Cloud + Seed = Cotton

The quickest recipe to make Cotton in Infinite Craft is to combine Seed with Cloud. Here is the full list of ingredients that you will need:

  1. Start by taking Water and mix it with Fire to get Steam.
  2. Next, take Steam and merge it with itself to make Cloud.
  3. Now, keep Cloud aside as we will make the next ingredient needed for the recipe.
  4. Take Water and combine it with Earth to get a Plant.
  5. Here, add Wind to your Plant to make a Dandelion.
  6. Again take Wind but this time mix it with Dandelion to get Seed.
  7. Finally, take Cloud and fuse it with Seed to get Cotton.

How to Get Cotton Candy

You get Cotton Candy by mixing Cotton with Volcano.

  • Fire + Fire = Volcano
  • Volcano + Cotton = Cotton Candy

How to Get Cotton Gin

Combine Cotton with Train to get Cotton Gin.

How to Get Crop Circle

Add UFO to Cotton to get a Crop Circle.

Best Recipes that use Cotton

  • Cotton + Water = Cloth
  • Cotton + Cloth = Shirt
  • Shirt + Cotton = T-shirt
  • Tuxedo + Cotton = Wedding
  • Wedding + Cotton = Dress
  • Dress + Cotton = Doll
  • Cotton + Doll = Ragdoll
  • Nintendo + Cotton = Mario
  • Cotton + Ice = Snow
  • Snow + Cotton = Snowman
  • Zombie + Cotton = Mummy
  • Cotton + Mummy = Bandage
  • Flamethrower + Cotton = Firefighter
  • Cotton + Lake = Paper
  • Sushi + Cotton = Kimono
  • Kimono + Cotton = Yukata
  • Sea Monster + Cotton = Kraken
  • Cotton + Internet = Bitcoin
  • Moon + Werewolf = Cotton
  • Cotton + Rocket = Parachute
  • Leviathan + Cotton = Sail

That is all for how you can get Cotton in Infinite Craft and some of its best uses. If you are interested in more such guides then also check how to make Call of Duty, Twitter, and Eevee evolutions.