How To Make Fish In Infinite Craft (Recipes)

Looking for the combos to create Fish in Infinite Craft? Here are the recipes you need to follow for it.

In Infinite Craft, almost nothing is impossible to create with the right combination. Whether it be extinct, mythical, or real creatures, there are ways to get them all, and among those is the Fish. It can be considered the initial element, as the simplest recipe requires just three steps. If you haven’t yet obtained this unit, you have come to the right place. Follow any of the recipes and get it.

Once you have obtained it, you can combine it with others to get units like Ichthyosaurus, Ariel, Piranha, Pisces, Nemo, Jaws, and more. Are you looking for more combos? Check right below the recipes.

How to Get Fish in Infinite Craft

How to Get Fish in Infinite Craft
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Similar to other units, there are various combo sequences to get the outcome of Fish in the Infinite Craft. The simplest of them requires you to combine Water with Ocean, and a slightly difficult one is made by mixing Salmon with Wind. You might already have some of these elements, but even if you don’t, there is no need to worry, as we have provided a step-by-step recipe.

How to Create Fish (Recipe 1)

  • Take two pieces of Water and combine them for Lake.
  • Combine two elements of the Lake to get the Ocean.
  • Mix Ocean with Water to craft Fish.

How to Find Fish (Recipe 2)

  • Mix Water with Fire for Steam.
  • Put together Water and Earth to get Plant.
  • Combine Plant with Steam for Tea.
  • Add Wind to Tea for Kite.
  • Combine two pieces of Earth for a Mountain.
  • Mix Kite and Mountain for Eagle.
  • Place Wind on Steam to get Cloud.
  • Add Water to the Cloud to obtain Rain.
  • Mix Rain and Mountain for a Waterfall.
  • Put together Eagle and Waterfall for Salmon.
  • Mix Salmon and Wind to create Fish.

Recipe Combos With Fish in Infinite Craft

Recipe Combos With Fish in Infinite Craft
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Here are some of the units you can create with Fish:

  • Fish + Fish = Shark
  • Fish + Human = Mermaid
  • Fish + Mermaid = Ariel
  • Fish + Wave = Surf
  • Fish + Oil = Sushi
  • Fish + Sushi = Sashimi
  • Fish + Plant = Seaweed
  • Fish + Biology = Evolution
  • Fish + Museum = Fossil
  • Fish + War = Pirate
  • Fish + Pirate = Captain
  • Fish + Dinosaur = Ichthyosaurus
  • Fish + Money = Fishing
  • Fish + Fishing = Fisherman
  • Fish + Music = Piranha
  • Fish + Cat = Catfish
  • Fish + Dance = Disco
  • Fish + Zeus = Poseidon
  • Fish + Desert = Cactus
  • Fish + Glass = Aquarium
  • Fish + Bomb = Whale
  • Fish + Star = Pisces
  • Fish + Pisces = Aquarius
  • Fish + Swamp = Frog
  • Fish + Frog = Tadpole
  • Fish + Continent = Pangaea
  • Fish + Rose = Aphrodite
  • Fish + Europe = Eel
  • Fish + Russia = Vodka
  • Fish + Finland = Salmon
  • Fish + Night = Starfish
  • Fish + Blackpink = Pinkpong
  • Fish + Pixar = Nemo
  • Fish + Nemo = Clownfish
  • Fish + Movie = Jaws

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