How To Make Donald Trump In Infinite Craft (Recipe & Combinations)

Need to add the former US president to your list of elements? Here’s everything you need to know to make Donald Trump in Infinite Craft.

Infinite Craft is all about creating new elements by pairing two units together. Although you are given the base elements – Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth, by experimenting with different combinations, you can start building a list of unique items, ideas, structures, and even intangible objects. However, even though this sounds uncomplicated, it is easy to get stuck while crafting different recipes. Similarly, there are a few players who might be looking for an easy method to make Donald Trump. If so, you have come to the right place, here’s a list of the elements you need to mix together in order to get this well-known personality in Infinite Craft.

How to Get Donald Trump in Infinite Craft

How To Make Donald Trump In Infinite Craft
Image Credits – Neal.Fun

To create Donald Trump, players will have to combine Uncle Sam and Shark. This 16-step crafting recipe is easy to follow and you will also be able to generate a number of different elements like America, USA, Adam, Uncle Sam, Fish, and much more. Here’s how you can craft all the ingredients that are needed for this process.

First ElementSecond Element Result
USAManUncle Sam
Uncle SamSharkDonald Trump

All Crafting Recipes with Donald Trump in Infinite Craft

  • Donald Trump + Creation = Disaster
  • Donald Trump + Disaster = President
  • Donald Trump + Fire = Trump
  • Donald Trump + Life = Death
  • Donald Trump + Train = Trump Train
  • Donald Trump + Plant = Trump Tower
  • Donald Trump + Rain = Hair
  • Donald Trump + Town = Trump Town
  • Donald Trump + Family = Dynasty
  • Donald Trump + House = White House
  • Donald Trump + White House = Impeachment
  • Donald Trump + Death = Taxes
  • Donald Trump + Taxes = Jail
  • Donald Trump + Jail = Prison
  • Donald Trump + Prison = Justice

We have covered everything you need to know about making Donald Trump in Infinite Craft. If you are looking out for more recipes to craft, go through our complete list of 1000+ combinations. You can also browse through the recipes we have created for Change, Hope, and Angel. available here on Gamer Tweak.