How To Make A Continent In Infinite Craft & Other Recipe Combos

Want to make a Continent in Infinite Craft? Here’s everything you need to know about the elements you will have to combine to create it.

In Infinite Craft, players can create numerous items, using the base elements – Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth. There are endless possibilities when it comes to generating new elements, items, structures, emotions, beliefs, and ideas. Most players have been busy creating the viral meme Skibidi Toilet as well.

Similarly, you can also make a Continent by easily merging a few elements together. If you are wondering how you can create this, here’s a detailed recipe and everything you need to know to craft this.

How to Make a Continent in Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft How To Make A Continent
Image Credits – Neal.Fun

While comparing it to other crafting combinations like the Quagmire and Peter Griffin recipe or the Minecraft recipe, creating a Continent is simpler. You will need to make use of Water and Earth which are two basic elements. Here’s how you can quickly make a Continent by adding a few elements.

  1. Water + Water = Lake
  2. Lake + Lake = Ocean
  3. Ocean + Earth = Island
  4. Island + Earth = Continent

And that’s how you can easily make a Continent and use it to craft various other recipes.

All Other Continent Recipes in Infinite Craft

Once you have made a Continent, you can combine it with other elements and items.

  • Continent + Swamp = Africa
  • Continent + Surf = Australia
  • Continent + Mountain = Asia
  • Continent + America = North America
  • Continent + Asia = Europe
  • Continent + Snow = Antartica
  • Continent + Continent = Pangaea
  • Continent + Pangaea + South America
  • Continent + Rainbow = America
  • Continent + Volcano = Hawaii
  • Continent + Sandy = Desert
  • Continent + Elephant = India
  • Continent + Vodka = Russia
  • Continent + Hope = Antlantis

This is everything you need to know if you are looking to make a Continent in Infinite Craft. If you want to keep discovering new elements so that you can craft numerous complex recipes, don’t forget to check out our complete list of 1000+ crafting combinations. Additionally, you can also browse through our guides and learn how to craft a Video Game, New York, Burger and Baconator, all available here on Gamer Tweak.