Infinite Craft: How To Make Dinosaur Easily

Revive the extinct creatures of the past, Dinosaur in Infinite Craft with five steps.

After creating Time Machine and Fossil, you might be wondering if it is possible to make Dinosaur in Infinite Craft. Fortunately, it is not only attainable but also pretty simple to get this unit. Further combining it with the habitat elements and creatures which share characteristics gives you different types of them. Take, for instance, Brontosaurus and Plesiosaur. Mixing the unit with Tree and Water will unlock those as an element.

How to Get Dinosaur in Infinite Craft

How to Get Dinosaur in Infinite Craft
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Crafting Dinosaur in Infinite Craft takes just a few seconds, as most of its recipes are short. We have given two combo sequences, Fossil plus Fire and Time Machine plus Earth. If you have any of those elements, combine them and create the unit. Later, use the combo list to unlock different kinds.

How to Craft Dinosaur (Recipe 1)

  • Take Fire and place Earth on it to get Lava.
  • Add Water to Lava for Stone.
  • Put together Earth and Water for Plant.
  • Mix Stone and Plant to get Fossil.
  • Combine Fossil and Fire to create Dinosaur.

How to Craft Dinosaur (Recipe 2)

  • First, combine two elements of Water to get a Lake.
  • Put together two pieces of Lake for the Ocean.
  • Drag Water to the Ocean for Fish.
  • Mix Water and Fire to get Steam.
  • Add Fire to Steam for Engine.
  • Mix two pieces of Engine for the Rocket.
  • Place Steam to Rocket for Steam Engine.
  • Combine two elements of a Rocket to obtain a Satellite.
  • Put together Steam Engine and Satellite for Time Machine.
  • Add Earth to the Time Machine for Dinosaur.

Recipe Combos With Dinosaur in Infinite Craft

Recipe Combos With Dinosaur in Infinite Craft
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Put together Dinosaur and these elements to get:

  • Dinosaur + Water = Plesiosaur
  • Dinosaur + Dinosaur = Egg
  • Dinosaur + Egg = Baby Dinosaur
  • Dinosaur + Baby Dinosaur = T-Rex
  • Dinosaur + Wind = Pterodactyl
  • Dinosaur + Steam = Stegosaurus
  • Dinosaur + Lake = Loch Ness Monster
  • Dinosaur + Island = Jurassic Park
  • Dinosaur + Tree = Brontosaurus
  • Dinosaur + Japan = Godzilla
  • Dinosaur + Vampire = Dracorex
  • Dinosaur + Pokemon = Charizard
  • Dinosaur + Harry Potter = Draco Malfoy
  • Dinosaur + Bollywood = Rajasaurus
  • Dinosaur + Aquarius = Ichthyosaurus
  • Dinosaur + Fox = Velociraptor

Once you have the Dinosaur in Infinite Craft, mix it with various elements that are not listed above and make discoveries. Also, since you are already here, you should check out our other topics, like how to get Insect, Octopus, and Monster.