How To Make Fossil In Infinite Craft (Recipes & Combos)

Not sure how to get Fossil in Infinite Craft? Here’s all you need for it.

Fossil in Infinite Craft is one of the many elements that is not only easily obtained but used for some initial units. While there aren’t as many combinations for the item itself, there are plenty for the ones we use it in. One of the most common units that you can get by placing it on other ones is Dinosaur. Further mixing it with elements will give even better units that you can use for the advanced recipes.

Oil, Ammonite, Pterodactyl, Megalodon, Sabertooth, and Mammoth are some of the many units you can obtain by combining it with others. Combinations for the mentioned and more are right below the recipes, so save and try them all.

How to Get Fossil in Infinite Craft

How to Get Fossil in Infinite Craft
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Getting Fossil in the game is a lot simpler than it might seem. There are a bunch of recipe combos that players can use to obtain it. Fortunately, most of them are short. Due to this, we have given the two easiest recipes for the unit:

How to Find Fossil (Recipe 1)

  • First, take Earth and combine it with Fire to get Lava.
  • Next, add Water to the Lava to obtain Stone.
  • Mix Earth and Water for Plant.
  • Place Stone on Plant for Fossil.

How to Create Fossil (Recipe 2)

  • Combine two elements of Water for Lake.
  • Mix two pieces of Lake for Ocean.
  • Place Water on the Ocean for Fish.
  • Combine Water with Fire for Steam.
  • Place Fire on Steam for Engine.
  • Put together two pieces of Engine to get Rocket.
  • Add Steam to Rocket for Steam Engine.
  • Mix two elements of Rocket for Satellite.
  • Add Steam Engine to Satellite to get Time Machine.
  • Put Fish on a Time Machine for Fossil.

Recipe Combos With Fossil in Infinite Craft

Recipe Combos With Fossil in Infinite Craft
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Try these Fossil combos to get new units:

  • Fossil + Water = Oil
  • Fossil + Oil = Fuel
  • Fossil + Fire = Dinosaur
  • Fossil + Human = Caveman
  • Fossil + Wave = Ammonite
  • Fossil + Fossil = Amber
  • Fossil + Paper = History
  • Fossil + Teacher = Paleontologist
  • Fossil + School = Museum
  • Fossil + Bus = Time Machine
  • Fossil + Pyramid = Mummy
  • Fossil + Shark = Megalodon
  • Fossil + Asia = China
  • Fossil + China = Panda
  • Fossil + Panda = Pandacodon
  • Fossil + Europe = Fossil Fuel
  • Fossil + Airplane = Pterodactyl
  • Fossil + Koala = Bear
  • Fossil + Yeti = Bigfoot
  • Fossil + Snow Leopard = Sabertooth
  • Fossil + Viking = Thor
  • Fossil + Cheese = Mammoth
  • Fossil + Rapper = T-Rex
  • Fossil + Fox News = Republican

Now that you have a Fossil in Infinite Craft, you might be curious about the other things you can create. If you are? Check out how to make Fox, Vampire, and Princess.