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How To Make A Crossbow In Minecraft?

Do you love crafting weapons using recipes in Minecraft? This guide will teach you how to build a crossbow in Minecraft!

Learning how to make a Crossbow in Minecraft is pretty easy. The 2019 update “Village and Pillage” introduced the crossbow to Minecraft. The game already had a similar weapon in the form of the bow that allowed you to fire arrows from range. This guide will teach you how to craft one. Keep in mind that the different editions of Minecraft have a different creative menu location for the crossbow which we shall list out as well.

How to Craft a Crossbow in Minecraft?

To make a Crossbow in Minecraft, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open your crafting menu and select the 3X3 grid crafting table
  • Add the following items to the grid- 1 iron ingot, 1 tripwire hook, 2 string, 3 sticks

crossbow-build-minecraft crossbow-make-minecraft

make-a-crossbow-minecraft minecraft crossbow

  • This exact pattern needs to be followed if you wish to get your crossbow:
    • First Row: Stick, ingot, stick.
    • Second row: String, tripwire hook, string.
    • Third row: nothing, stick, nothing.


  • Once completed, drag the crossbow and drop it in your inventory

The table below displays the different creative menu locations of the crossbow across different platforms:

It’s important to note that the crossbow cannot be stacked in any version. All versions have the crossbow’s damage at varying values. The durability of the crossbow across all Minecraft versions is 326

Platform Location in Creative Menu
Java Combat
PE Equipment
Xbox Equipment
PS4 Tools, Weapons & Armor; Equipment
Nintendo Equipment
Win10 Equipment
Edu Equipment

Furthermore, You can even choose to enchant a crossbow in Minecraft. The following enchantments provide the corresponding effects

  • Curse of Vanishing– After you die, the Cursed item will disappear.
  • Mending–  Use your XP to mend armor, weapons, and tools
  • Multishot– When you fire 1 arrow, it will multiply into 3 arrows
  • Piercing– Your arrow when fired can pierce through multiple surfaces
  • Quick Charge– When you reload a crossbow, the time taken will be reduced
  • Unbreaking– Your item will have increased durability

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