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RimWorld: How To Make Chemfuel

Learn how to make Chemfuel in RimWorld from this guide.

RimWorld is an Indie Top-Down Construction & Management Simulation game developed by Ludeon Studios. In this game, you will build from the ground up, a civilization, in order to leave the hostile Planet. Till then, the player must make do with what they have. To survive in this game, you will need to your Machines & Equipment running at all times. To that, you will need to stock them up with Fuel. Chemfuel is a great fuel resource. In this guide, I will show you how to make Chemfuel in RimWorld.

How to Make Chemfuel in RimWorld

make chemfuel rimworld

Chemfuel in RimWorld is a craftable & renewable fuel source. That means you can make it which is pretty easy to do. To make Chemfuel, all you need to do is burn Wood or any other Organic Matter in a Biofuel Refinery. For 70 Wood you will burn, you will get 35 Chemfuel. This is a pretty average way of getting Chemfuel. In this conversion, you lose about half of your resources & about 4 Silver worth of money.

The better way of getting Chemfuel is by taming up Boomalopes or by having an Infinite Chemreactor. Boomalopes are herbivores with a high hunger rate and are found in Temperate Forests, Temperate Swamps, Tropical Rainforests, Tropical Swamps, Arid Shrublands, & Deserts. If set up correctly, you can get 11 Chemfuel per day from one Boomalope. Get a few of them and you will have an infinite supply of Chemfuel. Infinite Chemreactor is also a good way to get Chemfuel but it requires you to power it with 300W of Energy. Plus it is a Quest Reward and not easily available as compared to the Boomalopes. You can breed a couple of Boomalopes to get more Boomalopes.

This was all about how to make Chemfuel in RimWorld. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Make Herbal Medicine in RimWorld.