Magic Chronicle Isekai RPG Tier List 2024

Not sure which characters are best suited for your team? This Magic Chronicle Isekai RPG tier list will help you select.

Isekai adventures have always been fascinating for their magical take on the alternate world. Just like this tale, which takes you to the isekai world, where light and magic combine to present landscapes and characters based on mythological to supernatural beings. As the Demon Crystal Shards are awakening one after another, maintaining peace is going to be tough.

With hundreds of heroes to summon, each having their own story, it is given to be confused about who should be on your team. This Magic Chronicle tier list ranks heroes from best to worst, which will help you make the decision and create an unbeatable team.

Magic Chronicle Isekai RPG Tier List – Best to Worst Heroes Ranked

Magic Chronicle Isekai RPG Tier List
Image Credit: Magic Chronicle Play Store

The ranking is made by comparing the strength, progress, and Ultimate Skill of the characters. You might not find your favorite ones ranking at the top, and that’s not an issue; the value of the character also depends on the player. You are free to experiment and create a team that suits your playstyle the best.

S Tier Heroes

These little heroes are the ultimate defenders of the Taelon Land, making sure that enemies never succeed in their evil plans:

  • Gabriel Seraphim
  • Andrea Succubus Princess
  • Scorpian Queen Serqet
  • Satan Infernal Demonlord
  • Angel in White Nightingale
  • Oersted Interstellar Bard
  • Hela Soul Scythe
  • Nethermoon Goddess Hecate
  • Fuma God of Ninja

A Tier Heroes

After S characters, they have the highest capability from the adventure to the battlefield. They will prove best as you progress, so make sure to keep them on your team:

  • Dream Hunter Hathaway
  • Eleanor Pupil of the Abyss
  • Alchemist Hohenheim
  • King of Gods Odin
  • Queen of Darkness Medusa
  • Sacrificial Girl Macaria
  • Ocean Lady Naga
  • Ghost Goddess Melinoe
  • Sironi Saint Emperor Priest
  • Afterlife Lord Osiris
  • Night Catgirl Nefertai
  • Nature Faun Pan
  • Dwarf King Andvari

B Tier Heroes

Their Ultimate Skill is second to none. On the battlefield, they will put their all into defeating even the strongest enemy:

  • Unicorn Elf Carrie
  • Jungle Sage Zuke
  • Julius Caesar
  • Zombie Bride Emily
  • Blade of Revenge Adug
  • Earth Guard Nome
  • Isabella Gravekeeper
  • Saint Beast Poppy

C Tier Heroes

They are not the worst choice for your team, but they aren’t as good as the above ones:

  • Netherworld Guardian Anubis
  • The Mechanic Watt
  • Firmament Bow Atalanta
  • Swamp Wolf Fenrir
  • Michelin
  • Dark Incarnation Erebus
  • Sorrow Spear Ebulon

D Tier Heroes

Characters in this tier are the worst in comparison to others. You can try them if they are obtained from the summons, but don’t rely on them:

  • Great Bear Soul Callisto
  • Axe of Fury Minotaurus
  • Wind Chaser Caucasian
  • Deer King Achilles
  • Joan of Arc Vatican Saint

That’s all we have for the Magic Chronicle tier list. If this was useful to you, do check out our other Mobile Game Guides and Tier List right here at Gamer Tweak.