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Mafia Trilogy Will Bring The Entire Underworld In A Single Package

Mafia has been stirring up the rumor mill and this has caused a ton of speculation all over the gaming industry and now it is revealed that 2K Games are releasing the Mafia Trilogy Games with upgraded graphics.

Now the Mafia games have created a cult following, this in-depth look inside organized crime appealed to a lot of people who like violence but with a hint of class to it. Mafia series has been one of the best in recent years and now new fans to discover this epic saga.


There have been rumors about a new Mafia game being in development but all that is hopeful wishing at the moment. The Mafia trilogy will, however, bring the best of the series out to the audiences.

It looks like 2K Games are developing these remakes with the intention of hopefully having a huge game in the series for the next-gen consoles.

The release date hasn’t been announced as of yet, but another announcement is on its way scheduled for May 19, hopefully, we will get to see if there’s going to be something new added to this trilogy or will it just be a version with better graphics.


There is much yet to be revealed and we’re hoping that we get all the details soon so that we can relay them to you as soon as possible. While you’re here why not check out news, reviews, guides, and features on your favorite games.