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How To QB Slide In Madden NFL 22

Find out how to perform a QB Slide in Madden 22.

It is pretty smart to perform and execute a sweet QB Slide in Madden NFL 22. However, the game does make it pretty hard for you to do so. Although, if you manage to time it to perfection you will be able to gain some yardage that will allow you to get a clear run. So, scroll down and find out how to properly execute a QB Slide in NFL.

How to perform a QB Slide in Madden NFL 22?


Madden NFL 22: How To QB Slide

To perform a QB Slide you will first have to enter into a scramble. This should be done while you are playing the role of QB. You can do this by clicking on R2/RT on PlayStation/Xbox respectively in the game. Entering a scramble is important because you won’t be able to perform a slide when you are looking to throw the ball.

Another point to note is that while you can scramble at any time, you will not be able to slide regularly. For the QB slide to work in Madden NFL 22 you will have to be beyond the line of scrimmage. If you are at the line or behind it, the QB will try to initiate a pass.


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Now, once you are in the scramble in Madden you will have to again click R2/RT on PlayStation/Xbox to stop scrambling. After this, you will have to click the Square/X button on PlayStation/Xbox. This will end up in you performing a QB Slide in the game. It will also get you a few extra yards as well as reduce the chances of fumbling the ball.

This is everything that you will need to know about how to perform a QB Slide in Madden NFL 22. While you are here you can also have a look at Madden 22 and 21 Desync. Along with this, you should also have a look at How To Level Up Quickly In MUT.